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    Severe Ear Pain last week and last Spring


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    Severe Ear Pain last week and last Spring Empty Severe Ear Pain last week and last Spring

    Post  Rose8 on Mon 25 Oct 2010, 5:13 pm

    Okay, I reviewed my posts here to find that time I had the severe ear pain, which was last spring. I posted it 17hours after an influx of them.

    3 days later, 6.8 & 6.5Indonesia, SW of Sumatra

    3 days after this last spell, the 7.5 same area.

    So I'm thinking I may have found location for that painful ungodly symptom. Going to check USGS to confirm, to see if anything else happened around that time that happened this time around too.

    Nothing came close. BioBio Chile had one on the March date, but nothing this time.

    However, going to see what was going on in Alaska and N.Pacific during that time as well:
    There were some in Alaska, smaller ones. So it's still a possibility that it was Alaska, but just have to pinpoint.

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