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    Hey melinda...part 2


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    Hey melinda...part 2

    Post  kemokae on Thu 06 May 2010, 10:03 pm

    Just sent you off an nice big envelope with tour pictures(colored too!) of couple of log cabins, and an up-style kitchen with an sitting room off it that I'd add an bit to for an new age "cabin"...receipes for using different kinds of beer in food...I might ask you someday for the one with the Wheat-beer hamburger buns..I guess I should of written down it myself..but can't have much alcohol on these "heart meds" you know...will see how the price of "buns" go this year..winks*...sure did look good with the vegetarian sloppy joe filling, lettace and slices of avacado though ...just an bit of "chit-chat" be looking for it in the mail next week.

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