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    Melinda...where you hiding at these days?....


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    Melinda...where you hiding at these days?.... Empty Melinda...where you hiding at these days?....

    Post  kemokae on Fri 23 Apr 2010, 11:07 pm

    Been checking to see if your posting and your not there...Mike out with the Band
    these days maybe?...or planting your garden perhaps? Church over by me, the Reverand tells me he's going to open up an acre for community gardening. How nice
    of him, someone really needed to do just exactly that in this area. The new housing barely have enough yard to walk around and in back to set an picnic table and an small BBQ. I feel so sorry for they probably cost them an "life of working" just to pay them off. City came through an leveled down one side of the
    yard of the little house they cleaned out in one day near me in the older section of the street..near the school. Just left it, have no idea what happens next. Other then that, not much excitement going on around here...not that I really need any
    as it is these with enough at times. Keep in touch when you can.

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