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    Post  kemokae on Wed 16 Jun 2010, 7:24 pm

    My kids found an house to rent, way out in the boonies to..15 miles from me.
    Finishing off school this week also, then comes the move, but each day my house looks like its undergoing an disaster in their preparing, and they leave me with
    nearly an whole house to pick up and up date, paint and fix. Not going to be doing
    much this summer. Now you would think they would be in an area for "living off the land"..not so...two acres of "grass" is what they look at now, to be mowed here
    shortly. No one I saw had an "garden" for being out in the country either. It much
    worries me, them being where when mom and dad are both at work getting there to help
    them is not going to be easy. No gorcery stores around for miles on end, no gas stations, no emergency services. Only thing they have are some close neighbors and an church down the road. It's an nice house...and three bedroom and two bathroom,
    and it has as much room as my whole house's an modular home, looks like
    an trailer, but no way to heat it, if the electricty goes out...I hope before winter they buy an very big and adequate "generator". They got this thing for $600 an month with an lease option in two years to buy it. If they close down their storage unit, it gives them $200 more an month towards the rent. If this thing was closer to town it would easily be at least $1500 an month. I don't know, they say to "go with the flow" and that's what I'm trying to do right now. I think things will be "OK" over summer or hope so. For some reason we can't seemingly so far have an summer and June is mid-way right now. We are having even yet, 3 and sometimes four days of rain per week, though lightly(showers)now. The temperatures are to low though for gardens. Maybe have an longer fall season? My son finally got back to better work hours. He is gone for the next two days ping-ponging around in both Washington and Oregon picking up equiptment to move to other places and back.
    It's looking like I may have to take the computer and just add more memory, and
    up date it better here soon. I am wondering if this "glinch" I seem to have on it, could be because this was an re-conditioned sold as "new" comuter maybe? though it
    is not the original computer I had when the "intruder" problem began many years ago.
    Leave me an message from time to time...and let me know how your all doing back there.I'll try to do the same, though things are looking busy from this weekend on
    for an while. Wish we had enough stuff growign eatable that people could walk out their door and "ive off the land" at any time."Country" isn't like it use to be.

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    Post  melinda on Wed 23 Jun 2010, 3:02 am

    simply be life, eh?

    seems to be the life we can do.

    bles life!
    be life!


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