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    US Congress:"Greatest threat to your health and freedom"...


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    US Congress:"Greatest threat to your health and freedom"...

    Post  Dreemz on Wed 03 Mar 2010, 12:19 pm

    Just sending this as an FYI.

    Natural Solutions Foundation
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    10 AM EST - Wednesday March 3rd - Dr. Rima on the Darryl Clark Show -

    8:00 PM EST - Dr. Rima Reports - Wednesday March 3rd Guest:

    Dr. Leonard Coldwell "The Only Answer to Cancer" is NOT Chemotherapy

    McCain/Harkin Fake Food and Supplement "Safety" Bills
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    US Congress: The Greatest Threat To Your Health and Freedom...

    If you value your health, your freedom, or both, we need to remind you to express your vigorous opposition to the food fascism bills being passed off as fake food "safety" bills pending in the US Senate. There are two of them, and they are cleverly linked: S. 501 from Sen. Harkin's committee will criminalize the production of safe, local food, including from your own garden, if it is chemical free, organic, and therfore non-Codex compliant.

    We have been warning that this was coming for several years. We wish we had been wrong. Its dastardly companion bill, S.3002, from Sen. McCain will give the FDA what it has sought for 15 years: the legal ability to destroy your access to high potency supplements. It is bills like these which, when enacted into law, have given the FDA, USDA, EPA and other government agencies the power they are so rampantly abusing to our collective detriment and to the detriment of health AND freedom. Read about them, and take action below, once for each member of your family:


    Thanks! Now send this Action item to every person you can reach asking them to take action and then pass it on in the same way. After all, everyone eats so this is everyone's battle. We're making this issue "go viral": that's how we turn "Push Back" into "Take Down!"

    Urgently Important Health Freedom Action eAlert Action Items -

    Health Freedom Movement turning "Push Back" into "Take Down" - And Natural Solutions Foundation is Leading the Way, As Always

    We are pleased to report that a number of health freedom groups who are, generally, so fragmented and ineffective that they trip all over each other, are once again taking their cue from our Action Items and offering a Citizens Petition for Health Freedom. We say: "Good for them! And Good for us all!" We believe that the Globalist agenda must die the "death of the thousand cuts" and that every opposition to it is one of those cuts. Therefore, in addtiion to taking our Food and Supplement Freedom Action Item,

    and our urgent call to Ban ALL GMOs immediately,

    Please also take this new Action Item to sign the Health Revolution Petition, created by other members of the Health Freedom world as they followed our lead once again. The more voices, the bigger the swell -

    You may remember our Open Letters to other folks in the Health Freedom Movement and the absolutely underwhelming response they received. This time, however, it would appear that things may have shifted for the better. We hope to see, and bring you, many more such good followership items from other Health Freedom activists! Let this be a major sea change!

    The Natural Solutions Foundation firmly believes that the more we work together, the easier it will be to move from Push Back to Take Down on issue after issue! This petition is a moderately good recounting of the health freedom issues. While not exhaustive, there are a number issues enumerated here which we have brought to you previously in what we believe to be effective tactics for real change.

    We don't all agree on all the items in the list, but the activists who drafted it are mostly good people and mostly allies, so we are happy to seek additional signatures to the Health Revolution Petition. While a laundry list of items of this sort may not bring about administrative, legislative or judicial changes as our far more targeted Action Items can and do, it will serve as notice to TPTB (the powers that be). For that reason, we suggest that you sign this petition to serve yet another notice that we care - deeply - about these issues.

    Featured Videos

    To understand Monsanto and the threat that it, and its Food "Safety" Bill S. 510 pose to you, and why you must take the Action Item opposing it and pass it along so many, many others can do the same, you need to watch this video about the impact of Agent Orange all these decades after the Vietnamese War,

    and then recall that according to Monsanto, its newest version of Roundup©️ is comprised of 70% Agent Orange. Sprayed on food, washed into the water and digested in our bodies, what do you think the result will be on you and yours?

    If you need a reminder of why Sen. McCain's S. 3002 is such a good ploy to get nutrient restrictions matching Codex into the US, watch this video

    and recall that these Nutrient Reference Values are supposed to tell consumers what they need of a particular nutrient on labels first and then they will become the maximum permissible upper level. How low are they? Low enough to mandate under nutrition which guarantees increased chronic, deadly degenerative diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity just as we have been warning was the next step since 2005.

    But just exactly what is Codex? How does it work and what are its vulnerabilities? Watch "Rome Codex Deconstruction"

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