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    NewberryVolcano Prediction hit


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    NewberryVolcano Prediction hit

    Post  beejean on Mon 15 Apr 2013, 6:45 pm

    Newberry Oregon - the Geothermal project has induced a large amount of seismicity today.

    Hope things are OK for you, OregonMan !

    As I wrote back in October 2012:

    Geothermal project starts soon. We forecast some small quakes near Newberry Volcano.

    Date-Time Lat-Long Depth Mag code
    2013-04-15T17:02:05 39.2033,-123.58855.4 2 Md
    2013-04-15T16:54:36 35.4937,-118.3917 2.7 1.3 Md
    2013-04-15T16:30:3638.8397,-122.8377 2.7 1.4 Md
    2013-04-15T13:57:4533.9808,-116.5622 9.7 1.8Ml
    2013-04-15T13:57:0136.9742 -121.63082.31.7 Md

    and here are some more...

    DateTime Latitude Longitude Depth mag MagType

    3013-04-15T13:21:18 35.4907 -118.3888 6.2--- 3.2--- Ml
    2013-04-15T12:37:20 37.4028 -118.4837 12.6-- 1.8--- Md
    2013-04-15T12:30:20 38.8098 -122.7952 3.3--- 1----- Md
    2013-04-15T11:55:25 46.6502 -121.923 4.4--- 0.6--- Md
    2013-04-15T11:44:29 38.7865 -122.7062 3.4--- 0.9--- Md
    2013-04-15T11:29:05 39.41 -120.1665 8.7934 0.36-- ml
    2013-04-15T11:08:16 38.7898 -122.7347 1.8--- 2.2--- Md
    2013-04-15T11:05:47 38.774 -122.7275 3----- 0.6--- Md
    2013-04-15T10:29:43 33.827 -116.9905 15.1-- 1.4--- Ml
    2013-04-15T10:29:21 35.7825 -121.2292 5.7--- 1----- Md
    2013-04-15T10:26:03 33.8022 -116.0925 4.5--- 1.9--- Ml
    2013-04-15T10:09:41 38.6277 -119.7905 0.3--- 2.5--- Md
    2013-04-15T10:03:01 38.8314 -119.6517 15.257 1.79-- ml
    2013-04-15T10:02:41 34.0045 -117.1577 2.3--- 1.5--- Ml
    2013-04-15T09:59:49 38.8108 -122.81 3.4--- 1.4--- Md
    2013-04-15T09:47:25 38.8285 -122.7972 3.2--- 0.9--- Md
    2013-04-15T09:32:15 38.7698 -122.7447 2.4--- 0.6--- Md
    2013-04-15T09:13:45 38.817 -122.8183 2.7--- 1.4--- Md

    From October 19 2012 earth groans Boppin'Along:

    thought I'd see what's happening in Oregon:

    Geothermal project starts soon. We forecast some small quakes near Newberry Volcano.

    October 3, 2012

    by John Vidale

    Altarock Energy Corp., a Seattle-based renewable energy development company, is planning to start on October 8th to inject water for circulating in the hot rocks near Newberry Volcano. The operation is on the outer flanks of the volcano, five miles west of the most recent volcanic activity.

    The goal this fall is to (1) inject water deep into ground, (2) let the ground heat the water, (3) bring the hot water back to the surface, (4) measure the hot water's flow rate and temperature to determine how much electricity could be generated.

    We expect to see numerous small earthquakes during the weeks this fall of testing this system, and later when the system starts to operate for actual energy extraction.

    This particular arrangement, an Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS, descriptive video), is designed to circulate particularly deep in the ground, and with low-pressure fluid flow, in order to minimize escape of the fluids and minimize the number and magnitude of induced and triggered earthquakes. The blog on Altarock's website is replete with details.

    We at the PNSN, in league with our partners at the Cascade Volcano Observatory (CVO), have precise monitoring of the Newberry Volcano, as reported here. Seismograms in the region can be monitored here.

    Here's the blog link:

    October 20, 2012

    It took us a little longer than we’d hoped to get the plumbing and electronics running, but after many long days, the stimulation pumps are now running. They have been on continuously for about two days now and we have worked our way up to 1600 psi well head pressure

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    Re: NewberryVolcano Prediction hit

    Post  beejean on Mon 15 Apr 2013, 8:43 pm


    I contacted the company project engineers and learned that they have not been doing any further injections at the site since late 2012. Before they started they loaded up the ground with seismo equipment and they say they believe that the reported tremors occurring now are normal volcanic tremors and not due to their activity.


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    Re: NewberryVolcano Prediction hit

    Post  OregonGuy on Tue 16 Apr 2013, 4:06 am

    Hi beejean

    Haven't felt like posting lately, confused by the lack of follow through on symptoms I thought to be earth related. Plenty of energy felt, I just don't know what it's for.

    Very sad to hear of the bombings in Boston today, hope you are ok back there.


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    Re: NewberryVolcano Prediction hit

    Post  beejean on Wed 17 Apr 2013, 10:45 pm

    Hi OregonGuy,

    I'm OK here but the majority of the people I work with are angry at the investigation of the bombing because there are so many delays and false leaks in getting this solved.

    To add insult to injury, the Boston Federal Courthouse had to be evacuated today because of a bomb threat there and the workers and court attendees returned after the building was cleared.

    People are looking overhead and noting helicopter flights in and out of a Maximum Security holding area on the coast, and trying to anticipate the release of information about the suspects having been taken into a holding cell. The authorities have cancelled all their briefings.

    The bulk of the people around here are very disparate in their experience and prior travels. Most people are seeing this terror investigation as a necessary and high priority endeavor, because there are so many countries who have made it their business to threaten civilians in the city. The North Koreans have expressed their anger at us, the Wahabis sect related to the Bin Laden philosophy have threatened, the Iranian Mullahs have complained about our country, so there is not a shortage of people from various countries who might be planning things. Unfortunately. But we need to DETAIN and keep perpetrators out of our hair here!

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    Re: NewberryVolcano Prediction hit

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