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    A poll and open letter to politicians



    How do you feel about government budget bailouts and stimulus?

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    A poll and open letter to politicians

    Post  beejean on Wed 14 Sep 2011, 12:25 am

    An Open Letter to Electioneers

    Here is one confused citizen trying to guess how on earth your candidate's profile is going to help me determine if he is honestly representing his future policies, opinions and action plans.

    You, Mr. Electioneer, have just entered a promotional marketing environment where your prospective candidate's supporters are more suspicious than ever before of the motives and "qualities" of your candidate.

    This U.S. citizen has just one request from you, Mr. Electioneer... "Show me the money, preferably denominated in the Yuan ! " Suspect

    Donkey, Elephant, or Independent Wild Card... my lobbyist will be knocking on your door to COLLECT instead of to PAY OUT ! You have succeeded in siphoning off all the available cash and IOU's from the treasury to your cronies. Now, the only way I'll get off the dime and vote for your person will be --- if you pay me to do it.

    Two can play this game.

    pirat ----

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