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    Irene Slows Drops up to 17 inches rain- plods inland near Conn RI Mass as tropical storm


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    Irene Slows Drops up to 17 inches rain- plods inland near Conn RI Mass as tropical storm

    Post  beejean on Sun 28 Aug 2011, 2:29 pm

    Thanks for all your kind thoughts about our Eastern Massachusetts area here.

    This is Sunday morning Aug 28 at 10 am. I see a lot of heavy ran and about 30/40 mph winds right now but am still in the outer bands of the storm as it now starts plodding up the coastline toward inland Connecticut.

    I kind of wonder if the quartz-granite crunched rock of Connecticut is charged from the recent sun/earth CME activity and the charge is sort of pulling it that way. Apparently it presently aims its direction toward the Connecticut River Valley and western Massachusetts as if it's trying to say hello to Washington Irving's old haunts on THAT side of New York. I am hoping and praying for a lessening of the wind power of this storm because you don't often see such beautiful forested parks as we have out in that area... having hiked in the State parks as a hobby in past years, but not so much now since I've been desk-bound.

    Anyway, thanks for your kind thoughts. No dish TV at this point, but internet comes through. Best to everyone who isn't as distracted with the weather. (Could these rolling power blackouts over here actually divert a lot of investors from taking alarm at this weekend's IMF meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyo?)

    The storm is yet another way in which our current activities show us so little recompense in the way of savings and sustenance as large amounts of stores and properties are lashed by water. My best to you all today from beejean

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