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    Grits this is for you....


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    Grits this is for you.... Empty Grits this is for you....

    Post  kemokae on Tue 11 May 2010, 11:46 pm

    Thought I'd start an new thread for hope it gives you some insight on some
    of the people involved...befoer you make that trip you mention in the other thread..

    Here goes...The Symmes Purchase (family related)...often called the Miami Purchase
    also, i slocated in teh SW corner of the state of Ohio..and runs..approx. 24 miles NW, between the Great Miami and Little Miami Rivers. The total area is 311,682 acres incluing reserves. On Sept 30, 1754 President George Washington signed the
    U.S. Patent (deed) conveying to Symmes 248,250 acres plus an surveying township
    (23,040 acres in trust for an academy. It was also reserved Fort Washington (15 acres), one square mile near the mouth of the Great Miami River. Symmes Purchase was privately surveyed. William Henry Harrison, introduced the legislation that became the act on May 10, 1800. The "Act" opened up the frontier to a "land office business" and land offices were opened in Stuebenville, Cincinnati, Chillicothe, and Marietta.
    (Note...this is what most likey started Tuchumeh's hatred for most the Shawnees were living in the general area. Harrison at this time was an surveryor for my Lawson's also in Kentucky supposedly also. This land is most likley the WAshington holdings of land from thier "Land Company" also...of which
    the Gist family explored for Washingotn back then also...and John Lawson family
    married into via an "Susannah Lawson" kinship)

    My Larkins m. Reed(READ)anscetor's also married intot he Purcell family...and they
    say in Virginia that the Purcell's are an half brother of the Symmes (Simm's)
    family. After leaving Somerset Co, one time an part of Lancaster Co., Pa.
    my Larkisn settled near Perry County,. Ohio..with her relatives...whom later
    joined the "Methodist" church having opened up the first in their was
    on some land called an "reclamation area"..and this is what I found out about that..

    Teh refugee TRact (lands) located in parts of FRnklin, Fairfield, Licking, and Perry Counties in central Ohio, extends 42 miles from the Scioto River, along the south line of the U. S. MIlitary District. This tract of land contains 103,527 acres..they were granted for people aiding the United States during the Revolutionary War whom gave up their British sympathies. Ohio is the only state
    in the union where Congress gave land for the support of religion..this was later
    given over to the formation of schools. Perry Co., Ohion was named after Commador
    Oliver Hazzard Perry of the 1812 war..Ross County, Ohio was named by territorial
    Govenor Authur St. Clair for his friend James Ross of Pennsylvania..U. S. Senator
    1794 to 1803. James Ross family roots came from Lancaster Co. Pa. also..later parts of it became Somerset Co., Pa. (Note...last I left off St. Clair was in Chalkey's
    living in what would become "Bath Co., Va but was at this time Augusta County, Va.)
    Ross County, Ohio is directly across the Ohio River from Kentucky. From the "Pioneer
    REcords of Ross Co., thier historical society was sent to me this information from this book page 34 and 35 on FRanklin TownshipCol. Foster's father
    came to Ohio the year 1796, on an exploring expedition. He first went to Kentucky to see his brother in-law, whose name was Chenoweth. Col. Foster's father were the first whitemen to row up the Scioto River, later they built an cabin on it's bank.

    (note...William E. Larkins eldest son, Jereimiah m. first Sarah Ann Davis, kin of
    Elizabeth Davis m. REV. James Bruce Chenoweth as his second wife. Recent history give as family information (Rosalie Pleis) leaves out an host of people of the Chenoweth association...that I have documents to by prior family and historian researchers...sent ot Mrs Frank Larkins, whom sent it to me. The now destroyed
    Chenoweth cemetary where this family resided in Illinois belonged to an Rev. Edward
    Chenoweth m. Mary Wilson in Berkley Co., Va (now West Va.)..Rosalie has also
    left out of her data the, daughter of Rev. James his first wife.
    The Foster Farm is one of the stopping "station houses" now historical, along the Barlow Toll Gate Road over Mt. Hood. here in Oregon. My anscetor William E. Larkins
    two duaghters m. two brothers of this Barlow family. William E. Larkins left his
    eldest son, Jeremiah R. Larkins his "dray-line" (wagon) business and left for Oregon in 1847. After his first wife died, he remarried Ketruah Hailey (Handley)
    and they moved the family down near the Kansas-Nebraska line. Jeremiah's only sister Elizabeth m. John Riley and he survived her. Their sister named "Nora" died in infancy. WE have that Sarah Ann DAvis died of lung ailment, possibly TB and there
    is an "suggestion" of possible child birth "Nora" was the last child.

    Here is what we know on William E. Larkins...faterh said James by land deed records
    in Oregon, of whom his paid his 1812 military pension to, he was born in Tenneesse in 1794 (thought to been of the James larkin(s) of Smith Co., possibly)..he was in the 1812 war..and from what we can find out several times, but was discharged(proably from supplying the building of Ft. Meigs) and left the area just four days prior to the Battle there. He was the rank of an col. supposedly by the time he filed for an pension. He married Racheal Reed (REad) in somerset Co., Pa. in 1814
    she was of Lower Turkeyfoot township of New Jersey which later became Someset Co. Pa. They belonged to an OLD JERSEY BAPTIST CHURCH that came from near Princeton
    College in New Jersey to Somerset Co., Pa....they then moved to Perry County, Ohio
    and to what would go from Putnam to Marshall county, Illinois to Oregon in 1847
    before it was an "state'. William E. Larkins is listed as an church elder with the
    REv. James B. Chenoweth in Marshall county, Ill...though other family seem to think he was an Methodist Circuit-rider also. He died in Oregon in the year of 1850.
    Racheal and William E. had 12 children. Racheal Reed's father is Jeremiah Reed m. Jerusha Strawn (Strawhen)(father Jacob/Hunderton co., New Jersey))..Jeremiah's father was John Reed(Read) m. Thankful Honowell or Honeywell..Rev, war liet. by rank and part of Layfette's Divison. He also has some military in the western area of Pennsyvania mainly Fayette County. The Strawn family were of Bucks Co, Pa. and her family were of the Purcells that married into George Washington's family. Our family is well noted in their lineage records...on-line...through John Purcell/Thomas Purcell. George Washington travelled through Somerset County 11 times in his life, highlights include..his first time as an young explorer with Indian guides in 1754 he returned to the area near Turkeyfoot to resume trying to find the the Forks of the Ohio 1755 he fell ill under the command of Braddock and recouperated near the great crossing, in 1758 he was with the Forbes Expedition in command of the 1st Va. Regt., in 1770 he again wen over BRaddocks' Road over to the Ohio River, (by now he most likley owned much of the land he was tranversign on)...1784 made his last trip after the close of the Rev. War....much of this was in connection of establishing "Forts" along the frontier regions from Pennsylvania North Carolina as an military officer Commander of our American Forces. The Turkeyfoot area of Pennsylvania were some of the earliest settlements of Quakers..and indeed the Strawn relationship includes those from Sussex, England aboard the ship WElcome with William Penn in 1682..and settled near Bucks Co., Pa. I might add that they shared this area with the later called "Delaware" Indians. Their Chief Tammany was inspirational to our ideas of "Democracy" in its early days in many ways. Our historian that looked up the family said that unlike many areas, thier churches and homestead had never been attacked an/or burned. The Delawares were an christainized tribe, that never went on the "warpath" until some whitemen took them for Shawnees and slaughtered them in Virginia...what few were left joined Tecumseh. Surprisingly it was the biography of
    the Genenal Lewis family in Virginia that did not forget them for their sufferings
    in this ordeal. I do think our family had an strong relationship with the Indians,
    besides John Lawson's in-law "Gist" family. I would like to remeber the Native Americans whom suffered also at the hands of the white people, whom were good to
    those pioeneers that were good people, not by what I have to say, but by another persons rememberances of the Wagon train trip as told by an ancestor of the Allen-Bird family in that 1847 wagon train trip to Oregon..of which Willian E. Larkins and his kin were riding. "One day west of Fort Laramie, one lone Indian appeared. He shook hands with everyone and said "how" they only word he knew..he rode on the lead wagon for many days. On one occasion he made notions to circle the wagons, and put their stock in the center of them, as they secured the animals an band of indians appeared..they did not attack but much wanted the stock. To give it to them meant certain starvation or death, let alone no transporation of the wagons. After they reached Blackfoot territory the lone Indian left". While they saw many indian wagons enroute, which had been attacked and burnt, their wagon train never was...and I am trying to understand if this was "protetion" for that particular
    wagon train...whom was it had to been someone with "influence" amoung the tibes...I would think amoung the Indians themselves. Indeed my ancestor homesteaded
    on the winter-lands of the Mollala and sub-division unit of the Nez perce tribe earlier...they later became part of the Warm Springs Reservation Indians. I leave
    this for now.

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    Post  kemokae on Wed 12 May 2010, 12:34 am

    Sorry for all the mispells...I might add that these people telling the wagont train story say that the wife has the distinction of being born at "Boone's fort" in Kentucky. When I asked my Tennessee Lawson family operated Historical Library
    what they could tell me on any of these names being in Blount co., Tenn. as many of
    them traced back to that area..they sent me back land deeds xerox copies of an book
    page that says that in 1794 Edward Chenoweth wa living on "Lackey's Creek" later to
    move to Berkely County, Virginia (Later West va.)..also the Handley family m. Marry Harrison and claims ancestory back to the "signer" of the Consitution...they were
    living near Greenbrier West Va at this the main northern "pioneer" route to Kentucky.

    Something I just found...Turkeyfoot township received its name from the Indians who scouted for George Washington on his mission to build at Fort at Pittsburg..upper
    turkeyfoot township was formed in 1848 from the larger turkeyfoot township which was
    at one time an part of BEfored township, and included almost the whole western half
    of the current Somerset county. Pre-1769 records the settler's living there before
    William Penn opened the area up for settlement...most of the names are from the first 1790 census...Peter Augustine, James Campbell, John Clark, William Haskins,
    Edward Higgins, Huff family (6 families), Nehemiah Letts, Mitchell (several), John
    Reed, Wm and John St. clair, Issah Strawn...I only took down the names of those I
    knew related or connected to us possibly in some way. You know its an long ways from New Jersey and Pennsyvlvania to Tenneessee in 1794. Yet there was an Jame Larkin in Turkeyfoot in 1810..though nothing is known of him...maybe an Indian, though others seem to think he is the Harrison Co., West Va..James Larkin..who looked to been military connected...perhaps an "scout"? I found an direct link of relation to the Harrison line also..and the Reed family also.

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    Post  Grits on Wed 12 May 2010, 2:05 am

    I'm going to have to digest all that info! Thank you so much!

    It appears my ancestors and yours probably knew each other.

    I just found this link tonight to another ancestor's home that is still standing...and he is quite a part of the early history of the U.S. He came in 1621, surveyed and laid out the the town of Jamestown and later became Governor of Maryland.

    John William CLAIBORNE , Sr

    I am connected to him through the Webb family. I found a guy that has great documentation on the Webbs, but I also have an Agnes Webb in another line that I can't find any info on (don't think she is connected to this Webb line).

    I was gifted some very unexpected money for Mother's Day, so by the weekend, I will purchase my month's worth of worldwide access on

    Can't wait, I bet I can tie up a lot of loose ends with a month's access.

    Gotta get some sleep tonight. Life has been hectic lately and work has been very hey we are finally hiring folks again, so that's good!

    Thanks again and I'll delve into all of this tomorrow night and talk soon.


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    Post  kemokae on Mon 17 May 2010, 12:21 am

    Glad someone got some money, as we sure don't, in fact we had someone "steal" about $7,000 worth of ATV, dirt bike and bycycles out of our backyard last Thursday night. Insurance isn't covering it either. Everyone thinks it was Brenda's "party"
    going on that night at the "house on the hill" so as to say, couple doors and an long drive-way up from us. That's Ok, I'm taking it nicely, by cursing them an thousands times over ..whomever did it, rather Brenda was involved or not...until it's paid back as per biblical "Thou Shalt not steal"...and "Thou shalt not convent thy nieghbors goods, etc."....It's my last "hopeless" thing I can do for the situation. Don't tell me you would not be mad, it if had happened to you..cause you would be. My son has been so depressed, he's hardly been talking to daughter in-law either...I think they thought insurance would cover it, but "no"
    not these days of everyone stealing...they would be out of business...not to mention it was an considerable sum..he still owes $600 on the ATV also...I was hoping they would at least pay that. So goes.

    I've not really noticed the Clairborn family...I have Lord Del a'Ware though, and
    the Cromwell-Howard/Larkin/Macadoo family. Then there is the Gist family there also. I've done an John Martin that helped lay out the Mason/Dixon line for
    the state borders. I don't have this person (Clairborn) in my Williamburg "founders" book either. On Webb, I have concerning Elizabeth cittie..."in 1613, each of the forts on the Hampton River had 15 soldiers, but no ordinance and in 1614 Capt Geo. Webb was the commander of both. The settlement grew slowly according to the report of John Rolfe in 1616..."Capt. George Webb and Commander, Mr. William Mays Mynister there."
    It seemed to hold it's own in the Indian Massacres of one was killed,
    it's then Capt Newce took defensive measures, making plans to allieviate any possible sufferings by the Indians should they occur. I have nothing in this book
    mentioning the Clairborn's but I'm sure there's more then just this book that abounds about the early hisotry of the area. This book is the 350th anniversary Williamsburg Foundation Corporation Celebration booklet. It didn't cover an lot of what was going on in Maryland, and that's where Lord Del A'Ware removed to from Virginia.

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    Post  Grits on Mon 17 May 2010, 10:15 pm

    I've not really noticed the Clairborne family..

    Well, guess what???!!!

    I finally bought a month's subscription on and come to find out I had the wrong man for my great great grandmother's dad, so now I have to start that line all over again.. Rolling Eyes SOOOOOO...the Webb's and Claiburnes don't figure into my family at all (except through marriage with the Webbs but that doesn't really count). So now I've got to find out about the Elliot'

    Oh, me...I felt stupid because when I went back and looked at the one I had for the dad there is no way the time periods matched.

    kemokee, I'm running across a lot of Adairs in nearby cemeteries I am researching...if you need me to look some up let me know.

    Yeah, I read about the theft you had over at Bopp's. I'm very sorry to hear about that. I can't stand a thief! I hope the cops get whoever did that to you.

    Well, going to do some more research and I'll be back tomorrow night. Only 2 episodes of "24" left and have to get everything done early on Monday

    Oh, keep forgetting to say that I went to school with some Lawsons. Dwight the one in my class ended up being a preacher.

    Gotta run...I'm enjoying our discussion by the way...thanks! flower


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    Post  Sandiele on Thu 17 Mar 2011, 9:11 pm

    Komoke.. I found this post quite by accident and am interested in chatting with you on your line. I am reasearching this same line and I have quite a bit of information. I would be willing to share if you would as well. My email is


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    Post  Grits on Wed 23 Mar 2011, 10:51 pm

    kemokae is having computer problems and can't log into her account here. She would like you to meet her at this link:

    You don't have to register to post there. I think this is a direct link but you will find her post at the "LIAHO" (Let it all hang out) part of the website.

    Very Happy

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