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    kemokae- James Adair


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    kemokae- James Adair

    Post  Grits on Sat 01 May 2010, 1:44 pm

    I knew I had this saved somewhere and I finally found it. Thought you would be interested.


    By JAMES ADAIR, Esquire, A Trader with the Indians, and Resident in their Country for Forty Years.

    You can read the whole book online here:

    I haven't read it all but have read parts of it.


    P.S. I wonder if this is the "Adair" the other book was talking about?

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    Re: kemokae- James Adair

    Post  kemokae on Sun 02 May 2010, 4:32 am

    Ok, I bookmarked it, I'm about half way through Jack Weatherford's "NATIVE ROOTS"
    as it is right now...but I have quite an few of their books already..I liked one that is out these days called "When Lightening Strikes" by Peter..I'd have to go and look it up also to spell the last name right started with an "Nev"...something.
    I just bought "American Indian Places" by Frances H. Kennedy for an all over "reference" book of their travels. Most the ones that I'm concerned with though were quite high politically because of inter-marriage. Our line goes on
    my hubby's side...George Lawson m. Jane...John Lawson m. Eleanor and then he mentions his beloved "Sukey" or Susan...Susannah Lawson married into the Maryland Gist family...they were parents of "George Gist" or Sequoyha..taught the Cherokee
    how to read and write. I think his beloved "Sukey" was his sister, not another wife, but I could be wrong, she might of been an Rogers also. John went to Nelson
    county, Kentucky in 1797. Would you believe thatit was the first in-land chosing
    fo rthe Catholic Church on the Frontiers from Maryland. They left nothing but their church records in the area, very little on the people there...we have land deeds but that's about all we have of the family. Lawsons' owned an lot of taverns in
    Kentucky. Benjamin Harrison was thier surveryor...before his military career and then Presidency. But he's long time related to my mother'side anscetor named one of his children after him. I have both of them mother's side and my hubby's side buying up land deeds for George Washington to build his
    forts in Virginia. I think at this time my mother's side was an Lawyer's side maybe...if nto an surveyor also. Our family looks to been memeber back that far in the Masonic Order. I don't know about John Lawson's family...I don't think so though. Malinda is related to us. You know "Dove'...or at least the Sherill's are.
    They are quite famous you know..even if she doesn't tell you that. Another subject perhaps...thanks for the link.

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