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    Important changes in registration 6/18/10


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    Re: Important changes in registration 6/18/10

    Post  Whisper on Mon 03 May 2010, 3:50 am

    melinda wrote:yeah...mister bopp has always been the bestest of the web masters!

    i love him and appreciate the beauty he made with the earthbopper's.

    i love that kate has made a sweet place for us to gather.

    i never know how other folk feel about me or see me with they eyes.

    dum ole woman....too bright in the dum for the worldpov.

    right now...i am gonna get myself a big glass of beer.

    and smoke myself a cigarette~

    and read some more of yall ponderings and wonderings~



    I see you just as I see your avatar. A beautiful one of a kind butterfly. Unique, special....and you shouldn't think any different.

    Hope you enjoyed that beer...Wink

    I've learned a lot fron Don in Holister and just want to add that I'm glad to see you here.

    I haven't the nerve to peak back in at EarthBoppin' I've been having computer issues for a couple of weeks. Blew up the laptop and the one I'm on is very old..can't buy a new one until the next paycheck. I hope that Ryan can get things fixed and that those that have caused the problems get what they deserve.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again...Forumotion is just the greatest thing to happen to free message boards. I found them three years ago and have only had two days down in all that time. I admin a board called Blu5Community. We've been very happy with our board and I think everyone will be very happy here. Great job SoCal! Thanks so much!


    for Melinda

    Post  HapHazar on Mon 10 May 2010, 4:22 am

    Melinda wrote:

    i love that kate has made a sweet place for us to gather.

    i never know how other folk feel about me or see me with they eyes.

    dum ole woman....too bright in the dum for the worldpov. ...
    I only read the other forum infrequently, but I always loved your posts and how you express yourself. It's like poetry to me. I tend to be wordy, but the way you write is so expressive that you don't need very many words to say A LOT. And very beautifully. See? I should have just said that your writing is poetic and evocative ;-> I remember the first time I saw anything you had said was a post about a Bigfoot experience, and knew that I wanted to read more from you. That was a while back...
    Karin in wa

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    Re: Important changes in registration 6/18/10

    Post  Karin in wa on Fri 10 Sep 2010, 5:00 pm

    works for me
    Had gotten to the point where I didn't post on the other board at all anymore.


    becoming a member

    Post  davidw22 on Sun 10 Apr 2011, 10:40 am

    I enjoy the debates regarding earthquakes, as an emergency manager in the New Madrid area, it gives me foresight into the future and my planning for an event.
    Thank you, I would like to be a member, but It's fine for me to just observe.
    Again thanks to all of you who have a passion for this science.

    D Warren



    Post  Marjij on Sat 14 May 2011, 5:00 pm

    I just found this amazing site. I am looking for information on earth changes, incoming comets, i.e. elenin, and astrological forecasts. There is a wealth of information here, plus the comments of viewers are informative and helpful. The site administrator will not allow new people to sign on, so I am requesting that you permit me this service. I will probably not comment, but will read everything that is here. Thank you. I am

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    david and marji - try Earthboppin

    Post  johnl on Thu 09 Jun 2011, 1:19 am

    David and Marji,

    The main site is at Earthboppin. These 3 EB sites discuss the topics you’re interested in.




    Just click “New Thread” to start your own thread, or click Reply to respond to a post.


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    Re: Important changes in registration 6/18/10

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