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    Pyramid Energy clues..


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    Pyramid Energy clues..

    Post  jeffersonzuma on Wed 03 Mar 2010, 8:09 pm

    {from George Ure's Wednesday 3-3-10 morning rant:} cheers

    Coping: Down at the WuJo, ODM's

    While it's no secret that I'm 61 (Elaine's age is classified) most people can't believe us when we (seldom) reveal my age. Got to thinking about why that might be...luck of the gene pools? Or, when we were young, did we sleep in pyramids during that 'pyramid power' meme that went around in the 1970's? Smile

    Reason I mention this is that I got an email yesterday which definitely fits into the WuJo arena...where reality meets esoteric on the mental mat. Rolling Eyes Check this story out...

    "Hi George,

    Here is a chilling, or warming story, depending on where you situate yourself in metaphysical and physical terms... An ancient science story... (this an authentic story communicated to me in person, no BS, and never published of course)

    Hidden Secrets of the Ankh and the Pyramid? afro

    This story came to me in the early 90's personally from a very well placed silicon Valley chip designer whom I worked closely with for years (including building chips and systems for spacecraft), whom is not prone to pranks whatsoever. And this is most probably just part of a much larger, still hush hush story.

    A dear old friend of mine who was and remains quite esteemed in the high tech world for over 40 years, was informed by a trusted friend of his, about rather secret experiments that were performed at Stanford research Institute for the military in the late 80’s, to identify if there were in fact any such thing as ODM’s, so-called "Operator Dependent Machines". This was on the heels so the east-west psychotronics arms race begun in the late 70's. They wanted to know if any machines actually changed how they instrumentally and measurably worked (in objectively measurable terms) based on the presence of human consciousness (hands free and in a controlled setting). This was very hush hush stuff.

    They apparently discovered that three things had this fundamental ODM special property in spades. One was the La Warr camera invented by George De La Warr. The other two were the Pyramid and the Ankh! What they discovered literally blew their minds. They found that even without conscious operators present, that the Pyramid and the Ankh were doing something quite odd. When an operator consciousness was nearby in proximity, the effect was further enhanced.

    Placing tiny highly-match tuned high-frequency crystal oscillators inside and around different spatial locations of the classic 52 degree angle Cheops like pyramid, when it possessed a copper sheathing, that physical "time", as measured by tuned crystal oscillator relative detected induced differentials, actually slowed down inside the pyramid and equally and oppositely sped up above the pyramid. Then they carefully mapped it. The result?

    The pyramid creates a natural temporal dipole - a vertical figure eight shape with its nexus at the point of the pyramid. Turned out time is more "dense" or relatively and locally running "faster" above the capstone and less dense or slower below the capstone – and the height of this effect was centered in what is known as the Kings Chamber. Then they discovered that this temporal dilation or acceleration effect increased when the pyramid was oriented along the north south direction, and finally also noticed that even then the degree of temporal dipole effect changed cyclically with the day cycle, and over the seasons. They decided to try to isolate the effect by means of a secret Shuttle mission, where they placed a pyramid array satellite out in space, which they oriented and fixed closer to galactic than solar or planetary motion relative spatial positioning, and they found that one particular orientation of the Pyramid with crystal oscillator detectors array produced more temporal dipole effect than any other directional orientation they tried.

    That was when it was pointed in the direction of the star system Sirius! Isn’t that the direction the shaft in the Cheops pyramid is pointing at some point in its past?
    But then for a real chill, they also discovered that the Ankh does the same thing, and it operates like a “portable pyramid”, and that it is optimized when the two arms of the Ankh are constructed with lodestone material so they are naturally magnetic (a "portable" north-south effect), and the expanding handle or dress stem of the Ankh was constructed with a set of stacked micro-pyramids with the capstone of each successive pyramid optimally located in the stem of the Ankh terminating at the point of where the Kings Chamber would be. Apparently this gave credence to the developing theory that Ankhs were used by priests to engage physically effective metaphysical action. What better way to direct intention than to give it a temporal energy acceleration boost, since sending intention through the Ankh circle was going through the temporal speed up zone.

    I wonder how that rather cosmic revelation affected the world view of the scientific researchers?

    // added note...

    And this also actually explains the old Pyramid power delayed decay trick is not a trick at all! Bacterial decay is seriously slowed down in actual relative temporal fashion when a fruit is placed in the region of the Kings Chamber. Times slows down for real right there.

    Want to build one and test it? Are the Ankh and the Pyramid actually spatio-temporal effective radionic geometric forms? Could this story be true? Obviously if this story is true, there is no question the information remains, shall we say, "undisclosed".

    Some discovered key requirements:

    A pyramid (or pyramid array, or pyramid embedded stacking) must have a copper sheath but no bottom copper sheath. Mu-metals prevent the effect. The volume must contain a non-magnetic, or fully magnetically permeable material, like gypsum or limestone. There are other points of construction to pay attention to if you actually want to ever experimentally test these ideas. Thought you might find this little esoteric tidbit rather interesting George.

    Heck yes! Send along the rest of the esoterica about construction if you can find 'em and I'll post them. Still, very interesting...makes me wonder if cones would work (coneheads?) but even more so, I wonder if a copper-clad pyramid worn on the head would somehow change consciousness...hmmm... Like a Star @ heaven


    Related: All of which gets me around to speculating if some of my 'pyramid experiments' I did in the 1970's had some long-term effect...Elaine doesn't recall sleeping in a homemade pyramid, but doesn't rule it out as could have been something tried once...

    From an acupuncture standpoint, there's one other thing that might hold a clue to anti-aging: Spinning. Classic whirling dervishes spin counterclockwise when viewed from above as shown in this video.

    Every once in a while I do a few spins in the shower...and some subtle energy researchers I know say this has something to do with 'spinning up' of one's chakras. One theory is that if you physically spin counter clockwise, the apparent rotation of your chakra energy will increase relative to your body since chakras purportedly spin clockwise. Idea

    Like I said, I've never done a real study of people who look especially young for their age, but I do remember that the kid I grew up with (who lived up the street) had frequent 'spinning contests' with me to see who could spin the most before falling over. affraid

    Later on in Life, I discovered rum or sake could do the same thing. Ozeki for breakfast? alien

    {thanks to George Ure @}

    Don in Hollister

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    Re: Pyramid Energy clues..

    Post  Don in Hollister on Sat 06 Mar 2010, 6:31 am

    Hi Dex. I owe you an apology. You don't have to accept it or even thing about it. For many years I thought you were anti American however I was never really sure which government you represented.

    Over the past couple of months I have gained a much better understanding of you. You're not anti-American, you are anti-government. I don't subscribe to everything you say about HARRP and some of the other things I consider to to be off the wall, but I will defend your right to say it. Once again please accept my apology. Try to remember that not everyone in the government is bad. There are some good politicians on both sides of aisles but the bad outnumber to the point that may as well not even be there. It could be that they aren't bad and this is even worse, but that they are stupid, ignorant, greedy and are trying to line their own pockets. I apologize to you Dex. Take Care...Don

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    If Thomas Jefferson were here he'd certainly be "anti-government"

    Post  jeffersonzuma on Mon 08 Mar 2010, 5:16 am

    well, it's cool, Don.. Cool

    If Thomas Jefferson were here he'd certainly be "anti-government" (as labeled nonsensically): anti-fascist, anti-monarchical, anti-tyranny by anything including a "majority".. if that is what "the government" is. Of course this cannot be legitimate government, now can it? So the labelling is b.s. propaganda and is more insulting to true patriots like me than any amount of toilet body part words could ever be to anyone!

    Nah, the anti-government folks are those who betray the republican form of government set forth in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, who trample on our God-Given Rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness that also must honor and respect all others' as well.

    In my book if you're not standing tall and strong for this then "you" are not only anti-government but anti-american and anti-humanity because this was an enlightened "great experiment" meant as an example and lamp unto this world for others to emulate.. not for it to be betrayed and our Nation abused as abuser of the others that enlightened founders such as Jefferson wanted to raise not destroy.. and it roils my good red american blood that it is being trampled on, with the colors/flag and symbols of heritage such as the Eagle, used to add insult to treason..

    As for "haarp", I think the 'hutchison effect' is what is effecting some of these quakes. A few arrays, and lots of $Trillions black budget.. along with the chemtrail assault we endure as our beautiful skies and environment are obnoxiously polluted with the aluminum, barium, mycoplasmas, and whatever they choose to throw at us, against our consent and thus against our true form of government.

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    Re: Pyramid Energy clues..

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