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    Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System


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    Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System

    Post  geenee on Sat 27 Feb 2010, 8:20 am

    Red Earthquake and Tsunami Alert in Chile
    On 2/27/2010 6:34:14 AM UTC an earthquake of magnitude 8.8 and depth 35km has struck an moderately populated area in the Bio-Bio Province (population: 1.7 million) in Chile. GDACS estimates the likelihood for need of international humanitarian intervention to be high (Red alert).

    It is likely that a tsunami was generated. The maximum tsunami wave height near the coast of will be m. Please refer to the GDACS tsunami report for more details.

    This earthquake can have a high humanitarian impact since the affected region is moderately populated and has high resilience for natural disasters.

    The earthquake 113km from the city of Concepci¢n. The nearest populated places are Pullay (19km), Quile (19km), Ramadillas (18km), Canelillos (15km), Trogualemo (12km), Molinos (11km), Las Quilas (16km), Chevelle (6km), Curanipe (8km), Las Lomas (14km), Infiernillo (17km). It is a hilly region with a maximum altitude of 796 m.

    Humanitarian Impact
    Population resilience
    Tsunami probability
    Landslide probability
    Nuclear radiation probability

    Caution: this information is based on risk models. Whether international humanitarian aid is needed must be decided by an expert.
    This report was automatically updated by a computer on: 2/27/2010 7:57:38 AM UTC (1 hour 23 minutes after the event)

    Downloads: Word report, PDF report

    Explanation of alert calculation: Show

    The impact model combines magnitude (M), population within 100km (P) and vulnerability/resilience ECHO average score (V) using the formula:
    alertscore = max(M-4.5,0) * log10(max(P / 80000,0))^ 0.5 * max(V,0.5) ^ 1.5 / 3
    The weighted product of magnitude (8.Cool, population (501139) and vulnerability (0.63) results in an alertscore of 0.639810373506922
    High tsunami impact : wave height at coast expected to exceed 3m. The alertscore is set to 3.
    Then alert is Red if alertscore>2, Orange if alertscore>1 and Green if alertscore<=1.
    Tsunami wave height

    The affected region has low level of urban area (0.1%) and a high level of cultivated area (26.3%). In urban areas more damage can be expected than in cultivated or natural areas. (Data source)

    Radius (km) urban areas cultivated areas other
    200 0.14% 26.36% 73.49%
    100 0.08% 32.9% 67.01%
    50 0.03% 23.72% 76.24%
    10 0% 2% 97.99%

    Resilience and Vulnerability
    Resilience is the capacity of the population to cope with a hazard. Since much of investments in earthquake preparedness and available funds for quick response is related to household income, the GDP per capita can be used as a rough indicator of resilience.

    Chile has a GDP per capita of 5121 PPP$ (Parity Purchasing Power Dollar, about 1 Euro) and is therefore part of the high level income countries. Therefore, the earthquake happened in an area of high resilience.

    Based on the combination of 9 indicators, ECHO attributes Chile a low vulnerability

    Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System

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