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    Human Irrationality


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    Human Irrationality

    Post  beejean on Thu 02 Oct 2014, 12:13 am

    Human Irrationality

    Human irrationality- it pops up when an army lacks complete understanding of how their world is going to be brought down to the primitive because they choose to behead everybody they encounter that didn't sign up to join the beheading team.

    I am writing here about the aggressors that believe shooting, stoning, knifing, kidnapping and raping are part of a normal day's proper activities. The media does not want to talk about the atrocities that received a day or two of coverage and that now slide, unresolved, into the bin of things that seem too sociopathic to present on a newscast that might be viewed by children. We now know that our preparations are not in vain, and alertness is a good companion.

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