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    2nd Amendment Affords Newly Needed Protections because of Visitors


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    2nd Amendment Affords Newly Needed Protections because of Visitors Empty 2nd Amendment Affords Newly Needed Protections because of Visitors

    Post  beejean on Sun 10 Aug 2014, 12:45 pm

    2nd Ammendment Affords newly needed Protections because of Visitors

    Hello All,
    I should be among the very last of the list of people writing about 2nd Amendment, but here I find myself actually thankful that the 2nd Amendment has not been expunged from the founding documents.

    I have always realized that my protection comes from the Lord, but as I consider the perplexity of we residents of Massachusetts in response to the overwhelming rush of large numbers of undocumented visitors I find that the 2nd Amendment protections suddenly look more appealing.

    The governor of the state, Governor Deval Patrick, has done everything possible to support each and every new initiative that our head of the Executive Branch, President Barry Soetoro renamed President Barack Hussein Obama, has put into place. So, also, Governor Deval Patrick was among the first to help the Federal Immigration Control and Naturalization bureau move the in-rushing numbers of undocumented minors up to Massachusetts to be processed. (In case you haven't been watching these developments, it was deemed cost-saving to move them on private jets and buses up here because there were not enough facilities and personnel to handle their immigration processing.) Just recently, after meeting with several mayors of Massachusetts cities and towns who are now unable to support the sudden educational seats needed to handle the influx of these large numbers - 8 full plane-loads and additional having come in on vehicular transports. (Not to mention the housing places and the extra food assistance being called for.) Governor Deval Patrick has finally had to give up his plan to take over an Air Force base and house them all there while the immigration hearings in Massachusetts are booking new hearing appointments for the year 2018 at the earliest. That's a lot of time waiting for hearings and it shows you just how under water we are with this whole scenario.

    Now, here is where the 2nd amendment comes in: I find that with certain local neighborhoods within my city now having been converted to Spanish speaking mini-villages, that the gang violence and the robberies, stabbings and other mayhem has increased dramatically, causing the city council to have to impose street curfews on the city due to the enforcement difficulties. To get a permit for pepper spray in Massachusetts, one has to approach the police department. I have the urge to do so because the police force seems overwhelmed often and is already calling in help from the State Police to help in the city. So.... even though I am no Annie Oakley, I am thinking that pepper spray is probably a good bet. There is a right to self-defense, and in Massachusetts, even we need that.

    So, if milk-toast little me is thinking in these terms, then it stands to reason that many men who are responsible for the security of their families are doing so too. If Justice, ICE, and President Barry Soetoro keeps it up then maybe the sleeping masses will finally awaken and look around.

    Enough of the gloom and doom - have a good Sunday everyone ! P.S. - yes I know we also now have re-emerging polio, drug resistant TB, chickengunya, swine flu and other things stalking us too.

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