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    Post  beejean on Sun 21 Jul 2013, 11:19 pm

    the USA supporters of Freedom of the Press heard only silence back on July 2nd when the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act was passed.  A green light was given to start a US propaganda arm to distribute reports within the U.S. that are funded and produced by our Administration's news bureau.  At the moment, we are now in a zone where disinformation and news information is going to be mixed together.  Good luck to anyone hoping to sort it out.  For the people who wanted cover for who, what, where or when caused the civic-minded whistle-blowers to have been harassed--

    For the people who have been passing the buck about who, what, where or when did the deeds when the Fast and Furious directives got implemented--

    - for those people who want the veil of silence and misinformation shown as fact -----it's their day of game-set-match.

    Keep this in mind when listening to "news."

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