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    Change Your Party affiliation Empty Change Your Party affiliation

    Post  beejean on Tue 14 May 2013, 2:04 am

    Change your Party affiliation to join the Pons Asinorum if you want future Medical Care

    I know, I'm starting to get an attitude. elephant Elephant Party members had best beware.

    If you Pachyderms find yourself needing a vet in 2014, it may be that the Vet will be busy until 2018.... that is until Jan 25, 2018. ( I mean that you will be waiting till the inauguration date of the next occupant of the White House of the United States... at least.)

    Keep in mind that there is no "there" there. The falsehood of the HealthCare exchanges within the implementation plan are not "there" where you are.

    So, really, in the "there" is something happening here Pachyderm Par_T, there is no "there" there -- and where you are is not where the medical care will be. The medical care will not be there (meaning "there" where your appointment was supposed to be.) All of you should keep in mind that there are way too many rules to enforce in such bills, and the HHS Dept enforces only those rules they wish to enforce. (a la Janet Napolitano and the immigration rules) None of those rules has to be enforced if it has anything to do with medical treatment for anyone in the elephant Par_T. You, in your saggy baggy elephant skin will be directed to where-ever there is not affordable care. So, defying the logic that you must have actually too much income to have qualified to get Affordable Health Care, there might be no Health Care there there, at least where you are (or anywhere.)

    Hey, now you in the elephant Par_T (notice I hesitate to use the name of your Par_T in this top secret and privileged communication I'm writing to fill you in on which way to "there" from here. Follow the Pons Asinorum and expunge from your online communications the following two things:

    the Restitution,
    and the Rill of Bights ..... you know what I mean, those of you elephant T-par-T members.

    Did Mr. Morrow know something when he used to sign off from his news broadcast with Good Night and Good Luck ?

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