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    What a ride and what a hero


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    What a ride and what a hero

    Post  Calibabe on Tue 23 Feb 2010, 1:31 am

    Amazing article:

    I have watched these guys for over 8 years going on 9 now fight these fires (whether LAFD or LACoFD) and I have always thought they did an amazing job. Over 8,000 hours of flight time. Wow, that is just simply amazing.

    The Sayre fire which was very close to us when it happened was a horrible fire. They lost over 500 mobile homes in one park and it was lucky they got the number of people out they did with not one single fatality. It blew like hell that night. Just the right kind of combination of fuels, wind and someone with an itchy finger. Wind was howling through the valley this morning and I could not help but think of this man and what he did for those who he helped. If there were an "ataboy" emoticons I would put probably about 100 up. So I will just do one... cheers

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