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    Call out the Innocent


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    Call out the Innocent

    Post  beejean on Thu 13 Sep 2012, 12:03 am

    Time to Call Out the Innocent

    I think we are at a juncture where the diplomatic approach has shown itself a failure and we need to call out the Americans from the violent regimes and put distance between America and the hate-mongerers.

    Number 1: Admit that we are not re-building Libya. We can't. Just get the USA out of country. The people of Libya have spoken. Bring out the USA citizens before they can't leave when Israel tries to neutralize the nuclear threat. The Libyans apparently hate Americans.

    Number 2 : Cairo has given us a kick in the doopa. Cairo's Morsi is not cooperating with taking the tanks off the Israeli border, or implementing any democratic ideas despite all the money thrown at the Egypt government. Cut off the money and get the USA out of the country. Morsi's followers have have crucified their own native-born Egyptians who disagree with Morsi's policies. We so need to be out of there yesterday. We don't need any more tours of the pyramids. Watch the National Geographic special.

    Number 3 : Iran calls us the "Great Satan." Don't admit Ahmadinejad to the USA when he tries to approach our shores to go into the U.N. building. Expand the sanctions to include the exclusion of Ahmadinejad's only product: fostering violent jihad with WMD. Let him stay on his own shores and do his hate-mongering there. He always speaks in the same vein so we can play one of his past recorded speeches and it will be just the same as hearing his latest hate speech.

    Number 4 : The USA's extension of "right to liberty and pursuit of happiness" does not apply to those who find their happiness in terminating others who do not follow the Islamic religion. The murderous criminality of the jihadist killers lets us apply the doctrine of reasonable self-defense in the face of the threat. WHAM was attempted in the implementation of re-building infrastructure in some war-torn countries and WHAM (winning hearts and minds) didn't work. They are finding nothing to love about the Americans. Lets take the facts that are out there in how our people are being treated, and plan a good strategy.

    And the Big Stick : that is the Doctrine of Reasonable Self-defense. When theres a grenade launcher pointed at your car, call in an air strike on the perp. When there is someone threatening violence on a building using their website on the internet and they have a short term USA work permit - incarcerate them and send them back to their country of origin rather than give them time to implement a nefarious plan.

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, it's probably a duck. We need to stop living in an alternate reality that denies facts on the ground in the Middle East. There is no democracy or rule of law in nations over there to support.

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    Re: Call out the Innocent

    Post  Grits on Thu 13 Sep 2012, 3:34 pm

    I agree...

    Did you read recently that Cairo's Morsi said that one day his son could become President of the U.S. because he was born in California?

    I just read that President Obama is going to meet with Morsi at the U.N. event yet he has turned down a meeting with our oldest Middle East ally.

    The world is upside down at this point...

    Many events coming together...

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