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    Post  beejean on Sun 29 Jul 2012, 11:57 am

    Dream July 29 2012:

    Inferno Underground - Govt Secure Multilevel Underground Facility

    I dreamt that I was delivering something underground in a govt secure facility and that my niece was with me. Delivery was a cake and DVD tech manuals to a level 3.

    In the building the lowest (deepest) levels were the low numbers. On the way out, I was driving something looking akin to a bumper car up a path and approaching the elevator. It was possible to bring the little car into the elevator but I didn't - there seemed to be panic and smoke with flickering red lights from a fire reflected off the shiny cliff walls.

    We jumped in the next up elevator and a security guard was inside, along with a couple other office workers. He'd been tasked to go to a different level but one of the less important workers wanted up to Level 5.

    The security guard wanted to leave him at PL-4 (Public level 4) and just about pushed him out the elevator door when the worker hesitated because of smelling smoke there. Security guy's Supervisor radioed that he wanted him at Level 3. Security guy looked at me in fear after seeing PL-4, hastily closed the door on the worker, and pushed button for Level 5. (Levels PL-5 and PL7 were above that at the area of concourses close to the top for regular logistics delivery staging.)

    In a quick flash, he "got" that he was being written off to be at 3 when things were clearly out of control on 3, and it made me wonder just what frequency of colleague betrayals he expected from his supervisor calling for him to go to the level below.

    I was steeling myself to get out at 5 and hit a dangerous stairwell upward to the concourse amidst chaotic evacuations. The guard and I both knew that all lower levels were impossible. I looked at him and said "Core's unstable. Magma pool must have tipped towards this excavated area by being squeezed up." EOD

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