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    What happens at the full Moon in Astrology?



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    What happens at the full Moon in Astrology?

    Post  shyama555 on Wed 26 Oct 2011, 9:54 am

    The Full Moon is a culmination, a peak, and many people notice a spike in exuberance and activity at this time. The Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, and the qualities of both signs in which they fall are lit up with a current running between them.

    What are some ways to engage with the Full Moon?
    If you've set intentions on the new Moon, the full Moon is the time for releasing them out to spirit. You might like to meditate on the new Moon intentions as the Moon grows brighter, adding power to them with your focus. The waxing Moon is a building up of energy, and a great time to cultivate something new in your life.

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