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    Computer issues I recently had...involves AVG....


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    Computer issues I recently had...involves AVG....

    Post  Grits on Tue 24 Aug 2010, 9:38 pm

    I've been running AVG anti-virus on my computer for a long, long time (years) with NO issues until recently. My computer got really slow and then one day last week, it would take me to my desktop but I would just get the never-ending hourglass when trying to use any program. I called my son and we did some investigating together and he found out that AVG starting with version 8 was causing a lot of folks problems. I had version 9. Anyway once I FINALLY got AVG deleted off my computer it was running like a brand new computer! I won't go without an anti-virus so I shelled out the money for Norton and after I ran it, it found several issues that AVG, nor Spybot or AdAware had found. Once I got those all cleared up (took most of the weekend), my computer is running wonderfully!

    Just wanted to share in case anyone else is having issues...

    Very Happy

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