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    One Million will "spill" onto National Mall DC. on Labor Day.


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    One Million will "spill" onto National Mall DC. on Labor Day.

    Post  Dreemz on Wed 30 Jun 2010, 7:12 pm!/group.php?gid=128192210550148

    On Labor Day weekend, participate with over one million people who will be camping out on the Washington Mall, in one of the nation's largest rallies ever assembled. We will make history as we declare this the time to change to clean, safe, and renewable energy sources; this the time to create fair labor laws; honor the animals who lost their lives; the people who have lost their livlihoods and communities due to the arrogance of corporate power and indulgences.

    Speakers, bands, workshops, and energy vendors, and more will fill three days while we raise our voices together to remind corporations that while we may not earn the living of CEOs, our collective paychecks make us the consumers that keep their companies in business. Without consumers, there would be little need for CEOs. Tony Hayward may see us as "small people", but we have a loud and clear message to return to him on a non-partisan basis.

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