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Boppin' Along

Forum for earth sensitives, world events, disasters, dreams, prophecies, visions, predictions.. everything and anything welcome here!

    Tumbling tumbleweeds


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    Tumbling tumbleweeds Empty Tumbling tumbleweeds

    Post  RIG on Fri 27 Dec 2019, 10:31 pm

    Que Clint Eastwood spaghetti western music...
    So I received an automated email from boppinalong and thought I'd stop in... Boy howdy shore is dusty in these here parts of the internet wasteland...

    So the world hasn't ended... Yet... And the Dems shot their load early and likely have given Trump another term as our... Say it with me... President! 😉

    Climate change continues as the natural cycle of Mother Earth, no matter what Greta says...

    And Winter reigns with Her cold beauty... Personally I can't wait for the next Ice Age...

    See y'all in the Wasteland... Oh wait, we're in it...😀
    La Man

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    Tumbling tumbleweeds Empty Re: Tumbling tumbleweeds

    Post  La Man on Sat 28 Dec 2019, 8:50 am

    Weird Rig! This board has been dead for 5 years then Bam! Get this post emailed about a quake in Chile that President Obama was responding to lol. Weird. Good to see you "boppin along" anyways. Trump thanks you for your support!
    Just send me 20 bucks for his campaign, I'll be sure to pass it on!
    La Man

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