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    September's Geophysical BLOCKBUSTER


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    September's Geophysical BLOCKBUSTER Empty September's Geophysical BLOCKBUSTER

    Post  SonicSal on Sat 05 Sep 2015, 11:10 pm

    This is shaping up to be newsworthy... and memorable:

    "September shapes up to be the biggest geophysical news story of the year: two eclipses (one of them a SuperMoon) plus a Mercury Max make for a lot of turbulence in Earth’s crust, seas, atmosphere and magnetosphere. It all adds up to a huge potential for powerful storms and seismic activity; along with an increase in solar storms that heighten risks for breakdowns in electrical and electronic equipment – including the bioelectric field that is human consciousness. Sometimes the world can feel haywire and out of control. This month looks like one of those times."

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