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    Polisario Front in UN Resource Pool


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    Polisario Front in UN Resource Pool Empty Polisario Front in UN Resource Pool

    Post  beejean on Sun 19 Apr 2015, 3:10 pm

    Polisario Front in UN Resource Pool

    The Tindouf Refugee camp on the border of Algeria, near Morocco, has been the site recently of a UN investigation into the dispensing of $100 million UN Aid dollars for the population of approximately 90,000 at the camp.  

    Taking leadership of the Forces patrolling the Tindouf Camp, and setting up the enforcement protocols, aid distribution, and the area's protection has been the job of Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.  He has been the defacto guiding leader of the Republican government structure that has been maintaining secular style principles within the Polisario Front since 1976.  It is strange that his area has not been classified as protectorate any longer, but Spanish control of the area has ceased to be "control" and has become somewhat "laissez faire" in the face of the presence of this organization, and the UN has been making an effort to give aid.  Morocco and Algeria studiously ignore the news coming out of the camp and try to downplay its existence because of the necessity to integrate their countries with the UN and Department of State world governance roles.

    Wikipedia Summar Polisario Front wrote:The Polisario Front has evolved into a non-politicized Sahrawi nationalism. By the late 1970s, references to socialism in the republic's constitution were removed, and by 1991, the Polisario was explicitly pro-free-market.

    The POLISARIO has stated that it will, when Sahrawi self-determination has been achieved, either function as a party within the context of a multi-party system, or be completely disbanded. This is to be decided by a Polisario Front congress upon the achievement of Western Sahara's independence.

    Now one of the UN Officials, as reported through "The Hill" website, is being taken to task by the Algerian Foreign Secretary for mentioning the unmentionable income spigot that supports the whole area.

    The Hill blog on Tindouf Camp Abuses wrote:concerns raised elsewhere about the improper use of US funds, too. A June 2014 Foreign Policy investigation found that US aid “intended solely for pregnant and lactating women and malnourished children” was—as with all international aid—very likely going to members of the Polisario army—an armed militant group that routinely threatens one of our closest allies.

    So, how has the Polisario Front managed to get away with this decades-long crime spree? Simple: they keep close control of aid distribution processes, and they deny free access to humanitarian aid organizations that would provide oversight and combat the corruption.  

    The OLAF report makes a number of recommendations to crimp Polisario corruption, like conditioning EU aid to the camps on a guarantee that the EU’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department be allowed to conduct surprise inspections of supply stocks and monitor distribution of supplies. However, something more fundamental is at stake here. The UN has been calling for a negotiated political solution to the Western Sahara conflict for a decade, and Morocco has proposed such a solution for autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty. But the Polisario has declined to negotiate seriously—perhaps because they are content with lining their pockets while Sahrawis continue to suffer in those camps.

    Oddly enough, because the Polisario has declared itself to be neutral about the militancy of the most agitated groups of extremists, it seems like having them continue to be settled in the area is preferable to making some huge UN effort to "control" their resources in a stringent fashion akin to streamlining their caloric intake as in  FLOTUS Michelle Obama's school lunches.  (?)

    I don't know... just my two cents worth.  We need another theatre of negotiations in the Middle east like we need a new dish called a Yak-a-doodle crispy-fried mystery meat fingers.

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