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    When body and soul Must be viewed separately


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    When body and soul Must be viewed separately Empty When body and soul Must be viewed separately

    Post  beejean on Wed 08 Apr 2015, 12:55 am

    When Body and Soul must be viewed separately

    King William Rufus (the Red King, or William II of England 1087-1100 a.d.)
    when one is in a Kingdom where the King defaults of his honesty,
    one is in a Kingdom like that of the Red King of yore.
    He and his men were noted for their debauchery,and their ruthless stealing
    and oppression of the lower peasant classes.  
    (The wealth gap was probably equal to the current wealth gap now.)

    Living under such a difficult master must have been very stressful for
    his servants and pledged noblemen of the realm.  It takes a lot of effort
    to hold body and soul together under such mad conditions.

    When you're at your wits end, and are thinking that the frenzy of life is just
    becoming too non-sensible, step back a minute and thank heaven you're
    not living in the time and the realm of the Red King.  

    You CAN keep body and soul together a little longer, and you can overcome
    all things, in Resurrection Living.

    Oscar Cullman, \"Witness of the New Testament", 1958 wrote:  Since body and soul are radically different from one another and belong to different worlds, the destruction of the body cannot mean the destruction of the soul, any more than a musical composition can be destroyed when the instrument is destroyed.
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