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    Level 4 Threat


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    Level 4 Threat Empty Level 4 Threat

    Post  beejean on Sat 18 Oct 2014, 12:18 pm

    Level 4 Biological Threat: Ebola

    Only 14 labs in the country qualified to test for it. Dallas Presby bio lab didn't have the proper air tight syringes and the positive pressure suits, plus the covers over the centrifugal lab equip to work on the diagnostic tests.
    But the lab worker didn't think of that bigger picture before getting into her cruise ship cabin.

    In the meantime, every single nurse in the area here in Eastern Mass. now needs a Leave of Absence for their own survival. There are suspected new cases of "possible" Ebola showing up at the door of the E.R. around here. The first ambulance in with our local child patient from West Africa did not get met with responders in biohazard suits last Saturday. (think: absent protocols) Plus think of the hours of exposure while you wait with others in the hospital foyer.

    The only way the nurses can get barrier equipment with breathing apparatus is to have the hospital budget director work next to them in the triage department facing the same exposure risks. Otherwise, our for profit health centers will not find the money to protect their staff.

    A quick road to hospital insolvency.

    Mortality estimates range from 70% - 90%.

    If hospitals believe their budgets can't suit up their own staff to protect them, whom they work with every day (and should respect as individuals), then how can we expect that our treatment protocol won't change to : specific ebola "treatment" centers with very brief assessment and short on "treatment", long on hermetically sealed coffins.

    But don't panic , people.

    A weary time, a weary time,
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    A weary time, a weary time,
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