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    SI D.C. Potemkin Village


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    SI D.C. Potemkin Village Empty SI D.C. Potemkin Village

    Post  beejean on Sun 07 Jul 2013, 10:01 pm

    SI (Smithsonian Institute) 10 day fair on the D.C. Mall was a lavish event this year.
    The Hungarian Culture and the African American cultural heritages were featured.

    Carpenters from Hungary were recruited to build "traditional" style Hungarian structures.  The structures will then be given to organizations in the USA that celebrate and preserve Hungarian heritage and culture.

    Some of the Hungarian objects are featured at the link above. The preparations for creating such an elaborate display must have been expensive to coordinate between Hungary and the US Smithsonian curators. It probably started long before the sequestration was announced, and we would have had egg on our face if we scaled back.

    For Some reason, reading about this large event in D.C. during the week of the 4th of July seemed irreconcilable with the headline that 620,000 civilian employees of the Defense Department will be furloughed for part of this month.

    a Potempkin Village built in D.C. to maintain the atmosphere of government largesse producing lavish entertainments that are available via government funding.

    A $100 million dollar ticket to South Africa, Senegal and Tanzania anyone? There must be a spare private jet reservation available to you and me if we can find the dough.

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