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    My genealogy research has produced some interesting results...


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    Re: My genealogy research has produced some interesting results...

    Post  melinda on Tue 04 May 2010, 2:25 am



    see if someone can help you get an avatar thingy?

    you simply are not that blank picture thingy...ya know?

    a lot of earthbopper's are not aware of your rich and deep
    knowledge of history of the peoples and families of this nation.

    you remind me of the hub of a wagon wheel


    your knowledge and research goes out and connects to many people and places.

    way cool!

    i actually have the hub of a wagon is handmade.

    it has only one spoke though.

    still so cool to see and hold in one's hands.

    quite heavy!

    it is good to see you here.

    melinda sunny

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    Re: My genealogy research has produced some interesting results...

    Post  kemokae on Tue 11 May 2010, 9:16 pm

    It's good to see you here also Melinda..part of the Larkin family of my mother's side has been into wheelmaking up in Massachuestts since the 1600's..did I tell you I bought an 1948 Maytag had an simple electric switch for the hand ringer
    part of it blew on me, and needs fixed. I thought someday if I couldn't get
    it to work that I'd make into an flower planter out back, but I almost wished it worked in an way also. Beats the "boiling" of clothes...think the fabric these days
    could hold up to such washing?

    I am worried about another Lawson family historian today, as she lived in Norman, Oklahoma and two tornadoes went through the area last night..when I lost my e-mail server, I lost her addy and much of her information on William Lawson. His wife was from roots out of Normany (France). She can't find him...he was in Mercer Co., Ky though when he married and left to ???.

    I need to send "Grits" an message on genealogy also..maybe above in an new thread?

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