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    Can't Stress this Enough


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    Can't Stress this Enough

    Post  Calibabe on Mon 05 Apr 2010, 7:14 pm

    As I was watching local news after the 7.2 Mexicali/Baja EQ, one thing became very apparent to me and it has bothered me a lot.

    When the different news stations were asking for people to call in, one after the other would describe what they felt, how strong it was and what they had that they saw move.

    The next thing that everyone that they talked to said was "as the rolling started to become a little stronger we went outside".

    Please, please, please, if we have another EQ, please don't head out the door. Stay put inside your house, apartment, building, etc. Being outside is the absolute worst place that you can be. As I have stated before, my husband, my son and I went through CERT training. While it is natural to want to get out, it is the worst option you can choose. Between the electrical lines that are all over the place, the risk of something falling off either a house, building or apartment is very high.

    I guess maybe it is because our family does a practice about once every couple of months, but it certainly kicked in yesterday. Right before the quake began, I became almost sick to my stomach. Then everything started to move. That was when I knew it was an quake. I was at my computer and I grabbed onto the desk, thinking that if it got worse I would dive under the opening that is where I sit. I held onto the desk until the rolling stopped then got up and went into the hallway, where my son had gone to and then we checked on everyone else. We all stayed put. My mother-in-law was on her bed watching television and she stayed put. My husband was taking a nap on his recliner because we had been up until 3:30am at Easter Vigil services at our church. While we all knew what was going on no one ran out into the hallway, or decided to go outside the house.

    I know that the initial response to this event is to get out of what you are in, but please unless the building you are in is so poorly made that it is better off that you go outside than stay inside, please stay put until the initial shaking/rolling stops. You do no one any good if you get hit by something falling outside. The local fire department is not going to be able to respone to you right away in the event of a large destructive quake. They will have to go to universities, apartment complexes, hospitals, and other buildings that have large groups of people in them first. That is their protocol. That is why it is stressed that if we have a large quake here in SoCA that we be prepared to survive on our own for a period of between 7-14 days.

    I guess this is also a good reminder for all of us to dust off and look over our EQ plan and our EQ kits. Water being the most important is the biggest thing that you need to make sure you have. Many places sell 55 gallon drums that are plastic. These store enough water for you depending upon the size of your family. Each person needs approximately 3 gallons of water per day. Additionally, don't forget to include your pets in that calculation. We have three 55 gallon drums in our garage. Also, if you have a garage, don't put the plastic containers or drum on the concrete floor, place it on a pallet or similar object. Evidently there is an additive in concrete that reacts with the plastic and can make the water undrinkable. Also, make sure that you have a quake kit in your vehicle. If you are stuck on the roads while a quake happens, you may not be able to get home, if the quake is severe enough to cause roads to buckle and also overpasses to partially collapse. If you travel a road on a daily basis, have a couple of ways that you can get around detours, if they happen while you are in a vehicle, this way you will be able to make it home. Also, be prepared if you are in your vehicle when a quake hits to stay there for a bit. So have water, a flashlight, some basic medical supplies, a cover that you can use as a blanket, and some nutrition bars that will allow you to eat until such time as either the roadway is opened up, or you can set out safely on foot to get back to your home.

    I think this event should be a wake up call to all of us that live in quake prone areas. You only get so many warnings. The next time we may not be so lucky.

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