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    Breast cancer gene "owned" by big pharma

    Betty in Texas

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    Breast cancer gene "owned" by big pharma

    Post  Betty in Texas on Mon 05 Apr 2010, 3:21 am

    If you watched 60 minutes tonight, then you may have got really angry to understand that a big pharmaceutical company identified and patented the gene that they "say" is associated with breast cancer in the female body. How can they own what nature has made is the big question but our government in its infinite wisdowm has stood behind big pharma in other cases such as this where when they have identified a causitive gene for some disease, they have patented their research so that no other company can compete with them.

    Now let me clarify the situation. Lady A suspects that she might carry the gene because close relatives developed breast cancer. She wants to know if she carries that gene. The test (a simple blood sample) can only be run by the patentee drug company and they are charging $3200. The charge should rather be less than $300. In this case her insurance company said they would pay for the test but the pharma company said that it did not do business with that insurance company and so refused her the test. She could not get it elsewhere since they are the ONLY company allowed to test for this gene since they OWN it! Therefore, also, their conclusions are absolute and a second opinion from another drug company cannot be obtained. Lady B had the test done and they told her that she carried the gene and should have both of her ovaries and both breasts removed. She was young and had never even had children. She could not get another opinion because no one else was allowed to do the test but the gene owner company.

    Now people, I say this. Women who run out and get their breasts cut off simply because they carry a gene that MIGHT someday cause trouble are acting out of fear and ignorance. If you believe you are going to get cancer, you probably will. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are not the last word.

    I quit donating to drug research long ago because I found out that they get all that money both from donations and from government through research grants, and they will still screw you good when you need the cure or the medication. Drug companies do not deserve the innocent/dumb populace running races and begging for more money to support their evil intentions. I sorry but you really need to look at the big picture of the vice and corruption of these companies.

    Also, shortly after that piece was another on aids in Uganda. The US is giving that country billions to fight the aids epdemic there. That is a truly noble act until you sit back and consider that all that money is reverting back to the drug companies who unleashed that devestating disease on the people in the first place. Now after years of death there, the people are getting aids medication and living again (and I am not saying that this is a bad thing--it is totally pitiful how those people are dealing with that situation. This is not being written to stop the aid, only to inform others as to whoelse is also benefiting greatly from this magnamous act of generosity.) But what you have to consider is that those billions of taxpayer dollars are going right back into the pockets of big pharma who helped create the situation there in the first place. My question is, is the leadership of the USA that benevolent and kind hearted or is this a way of the elite funneling billions back into the hands of big pharma which ultimately controls this country?

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    Post  ghd styl on Tue 06 Apr 2010, 3:21 am

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    Re: Breast cancer gene "owned" by big pharma

    Post  greenman on Thu 13 May 2010, 9:51 pm

    if they own it, then anyone who develops breast cancer should be able to sue them!

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    Re: Breast cancer gene "owned" by big pharma

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