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    Nasty people....


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    Nasty people.... Empty Nasty people....

    Post  kemokae on Thu 01 Apr 2010, 9:29 pm

    the person you said you had in reguard to having Ryan take off her post, is probably known as "annette" in Jim Berkland's web site, as her name is Susan and
    she does live in San Francsico area, she is "Gay" she says, and is against "God" and believes in the "new age" stuff primarily, she can be quite intelligent also but she has an nasty temper when she gets with her friend "Guiness" and don't get her own way in life...she is apt in being an imposter of many named people, with constant changes in e-mail servers and she likes her life to be quite "dramtic" most the time..last I talked to her she was trying to make an "hit" on an gal named "Karen" in her area...that is where I left off and propose to stay with her
    also. She knows I'm NOT gay, she knows I believe in God, and in general, I guess
    we don't really have to much in common. Beware. Her temperment can swing from one
    side to the other sometimes. I did not read this post you mentioned..but she ended my last conversation with her by saying my family was "messed up" ...and perhaps it was an indication of her at the time. I tried to be an friend as an friend failed..time to move on. My heart condtion can't take an lot of dramatics in life or soap box opera type stuff. But know well, she has an long long list of being someone else by name. As far as I actually know, she really is an "Susan" though.
    She has shown up in Berkland's web site again recently.

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