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    Iran Sanctions are failing? what's next? "we drift toward war"...


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    Iran Sanctions are failing? what's next? "we drift toward war"...

    Post  Dreemz on Wed 31 Mar 2010, 6:28 pm

    Iran Sanctions Are Failing. What's Next?
    By Danielle Pletka
    Wall Street Journal,3/31/2010

    Regarding the ongoing efforts of Tehran to develop nuclear weapons, the futility
    of sanctions against it, and its refusal to comply with the IAEA or
    International community, we will soon be left with a stark alternative: either
    Iran gets a nuclear weapon and we manage the risk, or someone acts to eliminate
    the threat. China and Russia have ruled out any measures to target the regime or
    the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Even UN Security Council members Japan, Brazil,
    and Turkey have rebuffed administration requests to support tougher sanctions.
    Pletka states that as the failure of Obama's Iran policy becomes manifest, we
    drift toward war.
    The only questions remaining, one Washington politico has
    said, are who starts it and how it ends.

    About the Author
    Pletka is vice president for foreign and defense policy studies at the American
    Enterprise Institute.

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