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    National Anomalous Research Center and Evaluation Laboratory, Inc.

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    Mission The National Anomalous Research Center and Evaluation Laboratory, Inc. was created by its incorporators dedicated to the proposition that current mainstream science, although making magnificent technological breakthroughs, has missed countless opportunities to advance even further by ignoring subjects not easily replicable in the laboratory. We believe that answers will not always be found in the academic or commercial laboratory by multipley degreed scientists but where and as events are happening and just as likely by lesser educated but more dedicated individuals. We believe it is our mission to help advance mankind's knowledge by helping these like-minded individuals, shunned by conventional science programs, to study these subjects and, where possible, to gather proof either in statistical analysis , or to gather physical proof to silence the skeptics and naysayers.
    We harbor no animosity toward our degreed and learned counterparts in "conventional science". We just feel they have missed the boat by their intractable resistance to acknowledging fleeting phenomena constantly going on around them simply because they can not take them into the laboratory at will and dissect them at leisure and repeatedly. This is akin to saying, as they do, that they can not acknowledge the existense of a wild hairy 7-10 foot tall-700-900 pound creature seen by multiple witnesses and leaving incredibly huge footprints in 49 of the 50 states unless it walks into a certified laboratory and willingly submits a DNA sample. THAT SIMPLY AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN, FOLKS!!! We have to find a better way! WE BELIEVE WE CAN!!!!!
    Many of our members and associates have advanced degrees in a variety of disciplines. They choose to work with us because of the exciting challenges of making new discoveries but primarily because their brains have not yet become fossilized. We are also are working with several individuals formerly in government intelligence and other "black" programs who cannot openly share their "special knowledge" with the establishment for fear of the many forms of retaliation.
    We exist to provide research facilities and support to those wanting to and qualified to do serious anomalous research but who don't have access to other facilities. Our Home Page lists the incredible array of scientific tools and research data along with a vast array of advanced electronic test and measurement equipment that a few very dedicated individuals have been accumulating for decades at great financial hardship as well as physical and emotional hardships and strains on their marriages and families.


    Growing up in a rural Appalachian county in a Mid-Atlantic state in the 1940s and 1950s was a far different world than today in many respects.
    Every year in early Fall starting in August to early September, we would be awakened almost nightly for weeks by horrible loud screams starting off sounding like a very large woman being terribly tortured and then ending like a baby crying echoed throughout the surrounding forests making it virtually impossible to identify where it came from and completely impossible to identify the source.
    Many of the old-timers in the area insisted these blood-curdling screams were coming from a black panther migrating south for the Winter and it had been going on for half a century. Others maintained it was the ghost of an Indian squaw mourning the loss of her husband killed by early settlers.
    In August 1952, The screams had gone on for a particularly long time and the local newspaper reported that farmers just southeast of us were complaining to the sheriff about big black bears "bothering" their cows and a few farmers reported the bears running away upright on two legs-very unusual behavior for bears.
    One night, while all this was going on, I had to go to the outhouse about 25 yards uphill from our house. (We did not have indoor plumbing yet.) Just after entering the half moon palace, as we jokingly referred to our privvies, our German Shepherd, who was on a dog-run directly behind the outhouse, began barking and snarling furiously. I didn't know what was wrong with him but decided to get on with my urgent task before checking on him. That is until the chickens in the coop a few feet away started raising such a commotion.
    I assumed that the dog was furious at a mink or weasel that had since gotten into the chicken coop and was now going after our chickens. Knowing that a single weasel was capable of killing all of our chickens, seemingly for the sport of it, I stopped what I was doing and opened the door of the outhouse.
    As soon as I turned on my flashlight, I saw the reflections of two very large eyes 2 feet or so above the 6 1/2 foot high roof of the chicken coop, and they were looking directly at me. It well could have been a large animal on the chicken coop roof, but I got the impression of something very large standing behind the coop! I picked up a rock and hurled it toward the eyes with all I was worth.
    Not being the bravest 12 year-old around, I ducked back in the outhouse and quickly "secured" the door with the flimsy turn tab and got back to why I originally went there. I have to tell you, I went twice as fast as normal and probably twice as much. The dog continued furiously snarling and growling then gave a terrible yelp of extreme pain or terror and then was quiet. Eventually the chickens quieted down also. I assumed that "whatever" had left.
    After finishing, I cautiously opened the door and scanned the area with my flashlight. Seeing nothing, I scooted down the hill to the safety of home. I tried to explain to my family what had happened, but all they wanted from me was, "pipe down and go to bed.
    I did but before long we were all awakened by the flashing lights of a sheriff's cruiser twisting around the winding road leading to the hollow below us where two families lived. This was highly unusual as neither of the families played on the right side of the law so we assumed the deputies were going there to artrest someone as they were unlikely to voluntarily summon the police.
    The next day, we learned that both familkies were terrorized by a large "animal" for nearly an hour until someone could get away and call for help. We found a hole broken through a window in the chicken coop and seven dead chickens whose bodies were crushed as if squeezed really hard by a big hand or stomped by a big weight. The remainder of the chickens were physically ok but so traumatized they did not lay any eggs for a week. Our 130 pound German Shepherd was found dead with his neck and front legs broken as if they had only been toothpicks.
    We never again heard the terrible nocturnal screams for the remaining five years I lived there but those vivid blood-curdling cries are still with me 56 years later(2008)!
    Little did I know then that the strangeness was only beginning. The following Saturday night we were intrigued to hear radio broadcasts about a large armada of meteors coming across the north pole and heading toward the United States. The strangeness came about when the DEW line of anti-missile radar units across the northern border of North America started announcing the fact that these swarms of meteors were beginning to zig zag-something totally impossible for meteors.
    The longer it went on, the more we were hearing about the zigzagging meteors going over and about midnight, my brother and I went outside to try and see them. We saw a few streaks of fire but what we mostly saw was equally foreign to us in 1952. We certainly were aware of jet aircraft but they were not something we saw on a daily basis, especially the multiple jet fighters we saw that night streaking over us at what appeared to be close to the speed of sound.
    It would be another 50 years before we learned what we were seeing that late summer night. Apparently a flight of UFOs returned to the skies of the Nation's Capitol for the second time that summer and the jet fighters we saw (F-94s I believe) were in hot pursuit firing at the UFOs.
    The next day (Sunday), about 50 miles southwest of us, two soldiers, home on leave from the "Korean Conflict" and several of their family members were climbing a hill for a picnic when they saw a saucer-like-craft, trailing a tremendous amount of black smoke, bounce off the ground several times and then come to rest on a nearby hilltop.
    Soon, the group found itself confronted by a creature they described as looking like a 7-foot-tall-green-ace of spades with a big blood red head and huge self-luminous eyes. They described it as moving by floating instead of walking, and it left behind a very smelly-oil-like-fluid on the ground and vegetation and a very nauseating odor that sickened some of the family members. This same or a similar creature was reportedly seen by several other people
    throughout the Braxton County area the remainder of the night before it was purportedly "rescued" by other fiery UFOs.
    Bigfoot??, UFO dogfights, stinky alien pilots?? Was that a great place and time to grow up or what? And it certainly cast the die for my interests and quest for knowledge the rest of my life. The staid halls of academia at some of the world's best universities failed to provide me with the knowledge I sought and am still seeking and this is why I hope and trust NARCEL will be able to provide some answers! Let us see where it takes us!! wfmc...

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