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    Report from friend Chile EQ'S

    Pam, Az
    Pam, Az

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    Report from friend Chile EQ'S Empty Report from friend Chile EQ'S

    Post  Pam, Az on Thu 04 Mar 2010, 11:25 pm

    I did predict for the Chile/Argentina earthquakes
    posted at my website 11/24/09 to 2/28/10

    11/24 - 2/28/10 Chile/Argentina qks to 7+

    Chile/Argentina, came on like gang busters today at work, watch for qks to 7+,now to 2/28/10
    11/24/2009 2:09am

    And just posted another round as of March 4 early am hrs.

    Here note from friend who does a radio show there in Buenos Aires,Argentina.
    "Dear Pam
    What is happening down here in Chile is something beyond imagination.

    The huge tsunami that made entire cities disappear in South Chile, the robbery, the killing, the destruction is almost impossible to process thru our minds.

    I have reported since zero hour until now, it is very difficult to report the complete destruction of 80% of an entire country, the people wandering as robots, other killing their neighbors because they want to steel water and food , social chaos, army in the streets, and nothing but destruction, hunger, thirst, and desolation. That is Chile today.

    Hard to tell you in more details what it is going on there.

    The subject is coming up because 2 days before the EQ, many people had nausea, dizziness and in my case, as well as others we could not sleep at all, completely awake.

    The EQ was felt in all Buenos Aires and especially in high floors, in my case I live in a 9th floor and that night I was wandering around the house not sleeping when suddenly my wind chimes in the balcony started to ring without wind and then the lamp was dancing and the curtains in the bathroom and my robe all was moving as if there was a wind inside.

    So completely awake and making some tea at the hour of the EQ, my time around 3:50 AM, I sat down to have my tea and turned on the TV.

    Before I was watching a music show on Chile’s National TV thru cable and in front of my eyes the cameras of the show were showing the disaster live. Everything, stage, people, lights, were breaking into pieces, I turned on the PC and several minutes later the USGS started to release the EQ’S.

    Now, back to the point.

    Monday, everybody was ok again. No one had nausea or dizziness anymore; sort of everybody turning off the sensors. And I mean at least 15 to 18 acquaintances and friends.

    Yesterday same thing, everybody ok.

    (PW:just before another 6+ came in)

    Today everybody is again feeling dizziness and nausea, calling in asking if I know something. I never know something but the symptoms are clear, people are feeling bad again.

    I do not feel that kind of symptoms besides being completely awake and alert, in an unusual way.

    I and the others, had the same symptoms with Haiti EQ."

    Note from PW:
    Yes, they have had two more 6+ quakes down there- and I wrote her back before they came in ther'd be more.

    Keeping them in prayers-- what else?
    Am thankful I have the contact and info
    for what is going on there and confirm for what my sensing telling me.

    6.3 2010/03/04 22:39:26 -22.330 -68.340 105.1 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE
    6.1 2010/03/04 01:59:51 -33.154 -72.064 34.4 OFFSHORE VALPARAISO, CHILE
    6.3 2010/02/27 15:45:41 -24.588 -65.432 38.2 SALTA, ARGENTINA
    6.0 2010/02/27 10:30:33 -33.969 -72.879 35.0 OFFSHORE LIBERTADOR
    6.1 2010/02/27 08:25:30 -34.750 -72.394 35.0 OFFSHORE MAULE, CHILE
    6.9 2010/02/27 08:01:24 -37.654 -75.199 39.0 OFF THE COAST OF BIO-BIO, CHILE
    6.0 2010/02/27 07:37:18 -36.837 -72.541 35.0 BIO-BIO, CHILE
    6.0 2010/02/27 07:12:29 -33.807 -71.913 35.0 OFFSHORE VALPARAISO, CHILE
    6.2 2010/02/27 06:52:35 -34.735 -72.638 35.0 OFFSHORE MAULE, CHILE
    8.8 2010/02/27 06:34:15 -35.846 -72.719 35.0 OFFSHORE MAULE, CHILE

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    Report from friend Chile EQ'S Empty Re: Report from friend Chile EQ'S

    Post  Vim/PA on Sat 06 Mar 2010, 4:05 am

    Thanks so much for sharing this.
    I did not realize how bad things were down there.
    Such a trial.
    I've had nausea and dizziness here in PA for two weeks now.
    And today alot of weird little accidents like dropping things and forgetting things and doing things I'm not planning on like something else is 'running' this body.
    It makes me wonder what's next.
    I don't think they are random events.
    It is all so overwhelming... this life... now!
    Prayers for our dear selves in Chile... for we are all one!

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    Report from friend Chile EQ'S Empty Chile Testimony

    Post  burnedmyrrh on Sat 06 Mar 2010, 4:51 pm

    And the thing is the Chilean press will be more conservative in how they report things. The govt will have to look good but it will be done in a very quiet, dignified way. It's hard to put in words but it's not like in Haiti where all the press can just go in and report as they can.

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    Report from friend Chile EQ'S Empty Re: Report from friend Chile EQ'S

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