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    The Rodgers Creek Fault plus Anamation of Seismic Waves


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    The Rodgers Creek Fault plus Anamation of Seismic Waves

    Post  Don in Hollister on Fri 19 Feb 2010, 1:20 am

    Hi All. The Rodgers Creek fault is becoming more active. It's very subtle but over the past year more quakes are occurring on the west side of the fault. They have been nothing more then the popcorn variety, but they are occurring never the less.

    However the area between Petaluma and Wildcat Mountain still remains quiet. There is no movement of any kind in that short segment of the fault. The last major quake on this fault is thought to have occurred about 260 to 290 years ago a little to the north of Santa Rosa.

    There are two theories about the fault. One is that it is the continuation of the Pinole fault in the east bay on the other side of San Pablo Bay. The other theory is that it is connected to the Hayward fault by a 3 mile crossover in the bottom of San Pablo Bay.

    The concern is that a quake on the Rodgers Creek fault could by the way of the crossover trigger the Hayward fault. This means we could have rupture about 80 miles long instead of 40 miles long. The magnitude of the quake would be around 7.5M, but the duration of the quake could last for more the 60 seconds instead of 20 seconds. That would cause more damage then the magnitude of the quake would suggest. There is however no written record of an event such as that ever occurring between the two faults.

    The link has nothing to do with the faults, but it does show how seismic waves act during a quake. It is a program written by Dr. Alan Jones. When you get the link open arrow down to seismic-waves. Click on that and load the program to your desktop. When it opens you will see different quakes listed on a map. Click on one of them and you will see how the waves from a quake propagate. Take Care...Don

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