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    Update from Ruth Ryden # 90


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    Update from Ruth Ryden # 90

    Post  Karin in E OR on Mon 01 Mar 2010, 1:29 am

    MARCH, 2010

    Happy March, we hope! February was an exercise in patience and endurance, with unbelievable weather conditions all over the world! Arizona had its share, but so much of our country was dumped upon with snow, sleet, and whatever else that was around. The “down-under”countries have been hit with abnormally high temperatures, so they are not happy campers, either. Well, we knew this was coming, didn’t we? Our household has been blessed with a new light brown male lab puppy in Kathy and Jim’s part of the house. Our Luci is just learning to play with him – very gently. Our wood pile has been disappearing rapidly, but otherwise we are fine. This newsletter was difficult because of the serious conditions in the world, but the Masters gave what I consider some pertinent observations. God Bless Us All, Every One!


    MASTERS: As you know by now, serious quakes have been occurring as a result of a shift in the crust of your planet. Deep quakes off Japan and Chili have surprised and frightened multitudes of people. The shift is taking place deep in the Pacific so surface damage and after shocks will not be overpowering.. The western coasts of the North American Continent will continue to be moved by low-level shocks most of this month. Hawaii will be experiencing some minor quakes as a result of this. There is a possibility of another shift of this kind to occur deep in the Atlantic Ocean in a few weeks time, which would be felt mainly on the European coasts. Movements felt in the U.S. Mid West will continue where they are not expected, but will not be of a violent nature. Don’t be concerned. Realize now that all nature works in harmony; the intense storms and blizzards are just part of the discomfort of the planet as it moves toward a cyclic change. The atmosphere is charged with the same frequencies above the planet as those within it. This month of March will see again unsettled weather patterns all over the world. Heavy rainfall will implement storm systems in the Northern climes, while unusual drying conditions will be experienced in the southern parts of the planet, during the first two or three weeks. Then there will be a welcomed return to the seasonal expectations of the month for a few weeks. Temperatures will follow the storm patterns. Higher temperatures melting the huge amounts of snow piled up will of course cause some serious flooding. This must be expected and prepared for! If you live on low land, please face that probability. Mud slides in California and in many places in the world are, and will be, occurring as rains descend upon already soaked soil. Where dry conditions become intense, fire dangers will become the news of the day. Extreme caution should be realized regarding fires of any kind. As to the storms in the northern parts of the world, we see them continuing, but decreasing in their ferocity the rest of the month.

    There have been some predictions being made about a very serious hurricane season coming up in the next few months. When many people begin to receive such communications, they must be taken seriously. We will say this: The atmospheric anomalies that are occurring now will continue for at least three more months before hitting a quiet state around the world. Yes, we do see strong hurricanes hitting where they usually hit, and a few that have shifted their patterns to come on shore in unexpected places. Any shoreline of any ocean should be on alert for such occurrences. South America, in particular, is coming under a different atmospheric pattern and will experience high winds and possible hurricanes this month. The residents of New Orleans must realize there is a chance of another storm that will cause additional flooding to that city. If this does happen, the dams in many places will not hold. Please pay attention to your weather reports.

    This is not a very entertaining report this month, but realities have a way of bringing forth the deepest part of the personality that is faced with unpleasant circumstances. As the Earth goes through these changes, so will humanity come to the realization that there is more to life than having fun or coming out on top of a sporting competition. If you must compete, do so with the intention of being the best person you can be. Find the best ways to help others when help is needed. Search within to understand the feelings you have about your life and even the governments you live with. Set aside the greed and need for power and compete with the rest of the world to concentrate on what is best for all peoples of the world, not just your own back yard. Bring back the necessary moral standards that honor both men and women; the lack of such standards has only produced misery and many children without families that will nourish and train them for their lives. The Creator of your universe sees all these things as a working creation, both physical and mental, as humankind progresses toward a higher sense of intelligence and understanding. The difficult weather conditions and earth movements echo the vibrations of world confusion, hatred, and strife. You will come to see that all of this is in harmony with the creation of a better physical world after the changes and a population of reasoning human beings who will awaken their own sense of inner knowledge and understanding of the word “Love”.”


    Ruth: There is a large revolution going on in this country against Obama and his administration, forming, or trying to form a new party , “Tea Party”. Seems like an awful lot of unknowledgeable people being led by Republican want-to-bees. This is all over the internet and magazines. I am very nervous about this. What is really going on. Is Obama in danger? Is he really the person we felt would be a really good President, or are there some undertones there?

    MASTERS: “Ruth, the country is in a very bad situation regarding governmental handling of many issues. The next few months will see accusations tossed about by those who are trying to take over the administration and by those who are being badly misled regarding the intentions of the present administration and, above all, Obama. This man is near a nervous s breakdown, but will continue to take this all in stride and do the best he can. There are many financial factions who are trying to take control, but we will not let that happen. There is a point at which divine intervention will come into play and expose those who are being led by the Dark Forces. This may not happen until the end of this year, so do not be depressed about it. In the meantime, the efforts at creating the health bill will finally come to a small bill that at least will open the way for future and better laws regarding the insurance companies and drug cartels. The job situation will continue to improve slowly, but regularly, and people will start to see the improvements. Those who have lost their homes will work through their misfortunes and find new ways to find suitable housing. When there is total closure of the mind due to misfortune, the creative side of the human mind closes down. Being open to new/different possibilities is the pathway to, perhaps, a different life style, but a way to continue through the path of life on this planet. This even applies to those cultures that have not been able to raise their standards of living for centuries and are still living in primitive situations. The higher frequencies permeating the world now and in the future are already creating new concepts and hope for these people. The terrible quake in Haiti and in other places in the world are also acting as wake-up calls to their leaders and to those who have the strength and mentality to initiate intelligent and honest governments to provide better living conditions for their people. President Obama is being given the strength and guidance to fulfill his purpose of bringing the U.S. into a state of fairness for all people, and will, over the length of his administration, cull out money-grabbers and unfair practices to a point of keeping this nation in a positive frame of mind and leadership. Your prayers for his well-being and strength will help, of course. The name tags that are being thrown his way are meaningless and will soon be realized as such. Negative thoughts that are thrown at those who are working every minute to make the world a better place are a deterrent to those actions and will slow down the march to a new world of thought and action. There will be assassination plots against the President, of course, but those who seek to put them into motion will find themselves in backlash situations. Terrorist plots are accelerating, but so are the measures that are permeating their cells to stop and dislodge any possible tragedy from them, at least in the U.S. Send positive thoughts and even deeper mental prayers during meditation to activate the minds of those who can and will follow their inner spiritual guidance.”


    Masters, what is the difference between making something up that
    you wish to see or experiencing imagination and visualization?

    MASTERS: “There are large differences, as you perceive. To use one’s imagination is a boon to humankind, for it takes one out of the ordinary into the desired world for a time. It also is the precursor of invention and creation. It is of the conscious mind entirely, which then stirs up buried knowledge in the subconscious to assist and give supportive information. Making something up, in a sense, is to try to foresee what information may come through on your own or “see” in your mind what you would like to see.

    Visualization is a conscious determinative effort to create what is needed, or wanted, or foreseen, by way of using the energy forces in one’s own mind for that creation. Constant holding of an image or circumstance in the mind over a long period of time will ultimately create what is visualized. Even if the creation is not good for one, that still holds true. Again, be careful of what you wish for – you may get it!”


    Masters, there is so much agony and cruelty in our world today, would you please speak
    on the negative spiritual forces that fuel the consciousness of so many people?
    MASTERS: “At this time of many changes occurring in your world, the Dark Forces are extremely busy, using their influence to turn humankind’s minds from the Light and into darkness in order to gain new and powerful energies. The Dark Forces are strongly present in the world and ever have been, having been created before the beginning of time by energies that were working against the Creator of your world. These dark concepts have never left your universe and live on in multitudes of the higher dimensions and in millions of those incarnated in human form. It is not hard to recognize who they are in most cases, but the Dark Forces exist in many who are completely unaware of their presence, waiting to take over the emotions and minds of their hosts. Religions, in general, have always taught this in a sense, and it is wrong for the proponents of some spiritual seekers to say that there is no such thing. The Dark Forces exist, and they must be dealt with by every individual incarnated into human form. The sudden unexplained surges of anger; the desire to “get back” at someone, the need to be better than someone else, the greed, the overstated sexual misconduct and desires – these are all manifestations of the Dark Forces within humankind. Those on the road to enlightenment are no strangers to them, and are aware of their frightening power even more so, because of the sensitivity acquired on the Path. Pushing those feelings down inside are not the answer – they must be dealt with on the conscious level by looking at them realistically, knowing them for what they are, and, with all one’s strength, surrounding them with Love, thus destroying the Dark Forces that infest the consciousness of human beings. That has always been known, but seldom realized and worked with on a determined, conscious level. This is what has to be done, especially in this age.

    Those who do not fight the Dark Forces and let them overtake their minds entirely, will have failed their test on Earth and will be sent to other dimensions where they will have to start their climb again up the stairways of experience and knowledge. Many times we have been asked what kind of punishment is meted out to the Hitlers of the world by the Creator, those who have created havoc and destruction during their lifetimes, in the afterlife. What about those who today send out men and women with explosive suicide packs onto their bodies to kill and maim everyone around them when they go off? The foregoing is the answer to those questions. Forgiving or not forgiving has no meaning to the Creator, since all actions by incarnated souls are part of their learning cycles. It is hard for you to see or understand this, we know, since misdeeds are meant to be punished in your societies, which is a reality in your world. Think of what it would mean to a soul who has pushed the Dark Forces within him/her to the limit, causing untold catastrophe and misery to many, to suddenly be in a dimension of time that has no ups or downs, no constant light, and worse of all, no contact with the Creator, no one to minister to his/her needs or boost the ego. There are no “hell fires” here, just the absolute emptiness that flows all around. There is, however, always the presence of the Higher Intelligence to teach and lead those souls to understanding and new paths to be set upon, when they are ready to be cleansed of the dark thoughts. This is their choice – the constant of Free Will. The Hand of God is there to lift them up again. No soul ever dies; no soul is ever forgotten.

    How to deal with those of the Dark Forces that are in people around you? Again, with Love. Speak softly and knowingly. If you are injured by them, know that your injury is only of the body, that the person who injured you has been injured in a far greater manner. Seek to say words to them that will find a crack in which to sow a seed of Love and Truth to grow and overcome the wall of discord and darkness in their minds and souls

    Words are powerful weapons against the Dark Forces. Many excellent books and articles have, and are being, written to awaken the interest and hidden knowledge within each being to see once again the Truth that awaits. Each writer aspires to a given way of presenting his/her truth and knowledge and, for every writer, there is a reader who can respond to that certain style. We are sending the message in every way we can. Blend your consciousness with your inner truth and let it see the Light; do not hold it inside, hugging it to you in secret.

    Keep your imagination active; create new thoughts and ideas; be aware of the needs of others and think of ways in which you can be of help. Keep your body in motion and in good repair in order to keep your mind in active attention. Send out loving thoughts to others; they feel them. Restrict unloving thoughts and surround them with love. Give your hand to the stranger, sending love energy thereby to him or her; he/she will feel it and be drawn to you. Touching others is not a suspiciously sexual thing to do, but should be a sharing of love and energy from one to another. It is natural to put an arm around someone who is in pain or grieving. This has been given as a natural reaction to give that loving energy from you to them to help in their hour of trauma. Be not held back by some of today’s restrictions set by the Dark Forces. Human beings need each other’s energies – need to share with another that warm feeling of love, however briefly given. When you shake hands, hold the grip a little longer and mean it; it will be felt. When you touch another’s shoulder, leave your hand there a little longer and send love energies through that touch to the person; it will be felt and appreciated. A kiss on the cheek, even a peck, is a powerful expression of love, if given in love. Reach out to each other; love each other. Weave a web of love and sharing around all you know, and the Dark Forces are defeated. “


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