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    Message Thru Marie - February 23 and 24, 2010

    charles kuchar

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    Message Thru Marie - February 23 and 24, 2010

    Post  charles kuchar on Sat 27 Feb 2010, 9:47 pm

    Message Thru Marie - February 23 and 24, 2010

    feb 23, Tuesday, sorrowful mysteries, 7:20 am

    Me: I am worried still, My Lord - so preparation
    still is on my mind because of my family -
    I prepared a little but definitely not enough
    to even last half a year - for one, not enough space,
    two, it would cost so much.

    Jesus: Look at Elijah and the widow and her son...
    Did she have much? That story is worth
    focusing on. If today a complete stranger
    came knocking at your door in time of
    great want and you had almost nothing left
    but were preparing your last meal,
    would you open your home to a complete
    stranger? Only a faith as strong as the
    widow's, a kind heart, open to helping out
    shall enter my Kingdom.

    Imagine the rest of the townspeople who
    starved to death eventually in 3 years of famine and drought.
    Why was this widow chosen? Reflect on this.

    I will provide when the time comes. You need
    little in way of physical preparation. This
    was not what saved that widow!

    I tell you NOW, the criteria used by the
    FATHER was HER FAITH. That saved
    her...The FATHER directed Elijah to go to
    her. Certainly there were many homes that had
    plentiful jars left with more food stored
    that Elijah could have been directed to
    yet it was the Father's will that Elijah
    choose this poor widow nearing her death to
    glorify again the power of the Most High.

    Recall the movie 2012. Only those in power or
    who had a billion euros could get
    a ticket to life.

    This widow would have died in that movie -
    Our Father goes by a very different
    criteria than man. Remember this.

    Our Father is going to renew the fac of
    the earth, consecrate your lives fully to
    my and my Mother's Immaculate Heart and
    The Spirit shall direct you.

    Worry not. Prepare your souls.

    end of message

    Feb 24 Wednesday 8 am, glorious mysteries

    Last night we (my husband and I) found the old DVD of
    Lord of the Rings and watched it again.
    I had many questions as we watched
    it - like who is Frodo in our times?
    and the ring of power - does that
    refer to the reign of the AC (antichrist) and so on...

    Jesus: In the movie, the fellowship of men of
    middle earth is fracturing as the strength of
    Sauron grows stronger every day.

    Even now, the AC has already taken
    physical form. This is why you see many
    relationships easily broken, within families,
    within gatherings (temper outbursts), within governments etc.

    The power of the enemy is derived from
    the magnitude of evil in the world. You
    know, see, feel and hear this evil everyday
    from various horns/channels of the AC.

    But trust my child in my protection.
    The darkness does not and will not overpower
    or kill MY LIGHT. Let your faith grow strong
    in these times. Even if the odds are a million
    to one, the darkness cannot extinguish the
    LIGHT. I am the LIGHT that you must not let go off
    in these times
    I am the HOPE you will need in these times
    I am the BREAD to keep you strong
    I am the WATER to cleanse you...

    At one point in the movie, Frodo was tired from
    carrying the ring of power and said,
    " I wish the ring had never come to me -
    I wish I could go back to those
    days at the Shire (words to those effect)" and
    Gandalf the wise wizard replied: "So do all men who
    come to such times (hard times) but it is not for you
    - not up to you as this task was given you - but all that
    is up to you is what you will do with the
    time given you "

    You all carry crosses and at their heaviest do
    not all wish they did not have such crosses?

    But we are asked to carry it and have an
    attitude of acceptance of the presence of
    this cross and carry a proper attitude
    towards it. Accept your crosses my children.

    It pleases my Heart when you do this.

    Embrace your cross as a sign of
    your desire to obey the will of the Father.

    Carry your cross, I will give
    you a Simon of Cyrene, just as Frodo
    had Samwise Ganjee(?- not sure of spelling)

    After the crucifixion, after the
    seemingly long darkness, comes the dawn.
    The light of the East ( I am the LIGHT)*
    shall resurrect once more.

    end of message

    *the Light of God will not only not be extinguished
    no matter how much darkness surrounds it, but rather
    BANISH THE DARKNESS.(this was stressed to me visually)

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