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    Slew of GRB Activity


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    Slew of GRB Activity

    Post  mountaingirl/NM on Sat 27 Feb 2010, 7:00 pm

    See link for full list.-MG

    Most recent:

    NUMBER: 10450
    SUBJECT: GRB 100225A: Fermi LAT detection
    DATE: 10/02/25 17:24:50 GMT
    FROM: Julie McEnery at NASA/GSFC <>

    Fred Piron (LPTA), Masanori Ohno (ISAS/JAXA), Francesco
    de Palma (INFN Bari), Elena Moretti (INFN Trieste) and Julie
    McEnery (GSFC) report on behalf of the Fermi LAT team

    At 02:45:53 (UT) on 25 Feb 2010, the Fermi Large Area
    Telescope (LAT) detected gamma rays from the GRB 100225A,
    which was triggered and located by the Fermi Gamma-ray Burst
    Monitor (GBM) (trigger 288758733 / 100225.115, GCNC 10449).
    The angle of the GBM position position with respect to the LAT
    boresight was ~60 degrees at the time of the LAT detection,
    which is just within the LAT field of view.

    The data from the Fermi LAT shows a weak increase in the event
    rate that is spatially and temporally correlated with the GBM
    emission. It is a relatively weak detection (~4 sigma)
    with fewer than 10 excess events.

    The best LAT on-ground localization is found to be (RA, Dec =
    310.3, -59.4) (J2000) with a 90% containment radius of 1.30 deg
    (statistical; 68% containment radius: 0.9 deg) which is consistent
    with the GBM localization.

    Further analysis is ongoing.

    The point of contact for this burst is Fred Piron

    The Fermi LAT is a pair conversion telescope designed to cover the
    energy band from 20 MeV to greater than 300 GeV.
    It is the product of an international collaboration between NASA and
    DOE in the U.S. and many scientific institutions across France, Italy,
    Japan and Sweden.

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