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    July Fry oh my


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    July Fry oh my Empty July Fry oh my

    Post  beejean on Tue 21 Jul 2015, 1:14 am

    July Fry

    Since all the early 4th of July fireworks explosions over the house this year from the neighbor kids lighting off their stock of contraband flying, flowering, sparks... July then began to fry.

    The frying that I'm feeling feels more like small roasted chicken skin than like a dunk in the deep fryer - luckily for me.  And that's just from driving to work.  I now find the completely UV-proof sunglasses to be a necessity.  So, I'm leaning more toward the thoughts that Dutchsinse was not kidding when he indicated the NASA article that  mentioned their (NASA's) Atmospheric experiment had stripped the Van Allen Belt buffer zone from a lot of protective particles.  Dis isn't good for the wrinkles and bags says dis here girl...

    To top it off, now I read anecdotes saying that some of the more rural areas where big box stores are closing - inhabitants there see their local store shelves  emptying as the merchandise gets pulled for lack of stock turnover.  Meanwhile, discounters like Big Lots have more HE detergents , more grocery items, and way more electronics and tools than before.

    Its as if a big sucking sound is the undercurrent in the less populous areas, all the while a big feeding frenzy on the "newly arrived" store specials is happening on the coastlines but not in the heartland.  (Why haven't they re-stocked Ferguson, Baltimore, or Detroit you say?)

    The  silent  majority of the Central U.S. has to wonder what's next now.

    Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn have gotten their wish as the rest of us wonder what we'll do to scrounge up new windshield wipers when Johnny's Auto Parts closes down.

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