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    Missouri Show Me State


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    Missouri Show Me State Empty Missouri Show Me State

    Post  beejean on Sun 29 Mar 2015, 1:01 pm

    I'll be brief here.  About three years ago, I dreamt that a group of people had taken over a mini-mart and had kicked out the owner due to overwhelming numbers of the invaders of the mini-mart.  

    The Missouri Show Me State and Beyond.....

    Now, that the Ferguson riots have spread to Boston and Oakland and other cities across the United States, I and many other people I speak with are starting to wonder why the unrest is being organized and directed toward establishing a complete dissonance in the present law enforcement day-to-day operations and organized to bring things to a boil.  Where are the resources coming from to further that effort?

    I suspect more ratcheting up above and beyond 2014.  (Of course it doesn't take a prophet to make that prediction.)  But why did the Show Me state get selected?  Maybe because the people who are protesting their grievances realize that THEY have nothing to show for their years of getting an education and trying to put their lives on a track to secure some resources?  It's nothing the public at large can help very much.

    Also see this link.

    It's been getting worse year by year since Occupy Wall Street and Hands up Don't Shoot.
    Will there still be a safe place for our grandchildren to grow up in?

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