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    Blue men in the arena preparing for the paegent


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    Blue men in the arena preparing for the paegent Empty Blue men in the arena preparing for the paegent

    Post  OregonGuy on Thu 16 Oct 2014, 2:35 pm

    In the dream I was a visitor who wound up in a temple of an Egyptian mystery school. There were many hundreds of the faithful in attendance to watch a pagent of several Blue men, sky blue, in a open air arena. I was advised that I needed to return to my soul and I heartily and hopefully agreed to that. I was a interloper there. Didn't belong. I walked away from the assembly out a corridor where a entourage of the priestess was heading my way. Seeing me they attempted to move the priestess out of the way as I was 'unclean'. The priestess would not move aside and wanted to know who I was in a friendly manner. I said I couldn't stay and must be on my way.

    Another earlier snipped of the dream involved my desire to return to my soul as if it was a beautiful water paradise.

    Were the Blue men Blue Moovians? Who knows:

    Those three pieces of pizza I had before going to bed last night may have had some part in creating the dream, just thought I'd share.

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    Blue men in the arena preparing for the paegent Empty Re: Blue men in the arena preparing for the paegent

    Post  beejean on Sat 18 Oct 2014, 11:55 am

    Hi Oregon guy,
    I had a recent dream set in an auditorium also.

    In it, I had bought a big poisonous snake like a python.

    It was aggressive and left the house, plus I didn't like it.
    I went into a public school and was going to usher at the auditorium.

    The snake had dressed in a red cape, a red helmet and grown little hands.
    It was carrying a red circular shield.
    Still looked threatening, but I was at the top stair and it was on stage.

    So, we both felt uncomfortable at a performance area.
    In my case, the snake's red shield resembles the shape of the stye in my right eye.
    (Looks like it's leaving, but then pops up again, red and irritated.)

    In your case, it's maybe more of a soul level thing - like get away from
    the "blue" (depressed) actors and find an appropriate group to be with.

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