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    WIPP NM/ LANL NM/ Hanford WA - the Scientific Theories are Just Wrong


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    WIPP NM/ LANL NM/ Hanford WA - the Scientific Theories are Just Wrong

    Post  beejean on Sun 01 Jun 2014, 12:08 pm

    WIPP NM/ LANL NM/ Hanford WA - the Scientific Theories are Just Wrong

    Nuclear waste safety plans and waste maintenance provisioning by TPTB has demonstrated their failure in keeping populations safe from exposure to accidental releases happening more frequently over the last 10 years as the number of nuclear accidents has increased.  The tsunami in Fukushima setting off the massive disaster in Japan is a case in point.

    The natural decay of the drums in which we are storing the nuclear hazardous waste is causing problems. The wildfires at LANL that brought flames lapping at the edges of the nuclear storage area there started some of the implementation of proposed and untenable plans that have brought forth calls from the engineers and staff stationed near the LANL New Mexico waste dump area to push for the transfer of the waste from LANL to the New Mexico WIPP underground storage facility.  Now the problems of fire emanating from the – (?} unexpected (?) instability  Question   of the nuclear waste with its admixture of "stabilizers"  itself have led to the exact problem LANL was first trying to avoid: the airborne release of radioactive substances that can be inhaled by populations living over a widespread area. (Texas – you’re just a hop skip and a jump away from WIPP)  Meanwhile, we have the ground contamination at the Hanford Washington nuclear waste storage site that is being further threatened due to instability of the dam nearby, and a large number of reactors sited on the coastlines and subject to tsunami breaches, earthquakes, and simple old garden variety grid outages in the USA and elsewhere, and it’s the problem that doesn’t end.

    Back more than 50 years ago, when I heard my grade school science teachers explain half lives of radioactive decay, I could see that the nuclear utilization programs were not going to end well.  I remain an unwilling participant in this nuclear technology development by government overseers to this day.

    Associated Press, May 30, 2014 wrote: emails posted online by the New Mexico Environment Department show Los Alamos approved using other organic ingredients known to be incompatible with nitrate salts in the waste.
    Department chemist Cole Smith called the products “a bad combination.”
    The emails show that Los Alamos approved the use of two products requested by contractor EnergySolutions to neutralize the pH balance of drums sent to the nuclear waste dump.
    In one email asking for approval in August 2013 to use a new liquid, EnergySolutions industrial hygienist Zeke Wilmot noted “criticality safety issues are not my area of expertise,” using a term referring to nuclear engineering that focuses on preventing an inadvertent nuclear chain reaction.
    Wilmot said “it may be advisable to have LANL personnel weigh in on these issues as well.”
    A subcontractor approved the change in September.
    In statements, officials with Los Alamos and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant said they continue to investigate all possible causes of the Feb. 14 radiation leak that contaminated 22 workers with low levels of radiation and has shuttered the federal government’s only permanent nuclear waste repository indefinitely. EnergySolutions did not respond to the newspaper’s interview request.

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