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    Town Seats of Power


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    Town Seats of Power Empty Town Seats of Power

    Post  beejean on Mon 26 May 2014, 12:43 pm

    Had a glimpse in a dream of big changes to the governance of the USA East Coast – coastline provinces.   The political divisions in the geography of the states made the East Coast areas, from the coast to 100 miles inland, appear more like a mish-mash of tiny towns.

    The local areas were uncontrollable by outsiders because they were run by town strong men.  It was like those really old TV series back in 1965 I used to watch, like “Run for your Life.”  When the main character got to a new area, the judge , jury, police and town manager really ruled the activities of the town. Town seats of power.   to use a comparison of movies released more recently, kind of like Walking Tall type of plot, depending on the culture.  This more or less talks about a breakdown of the ability of the feds to influence government services delivery and law enforcement “holes.”

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