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    yeah = I'm SOooo Healthy


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    yeah = I'm SOooo Healthy

    Post  beejean on Sat 17 May 2014, 12:40 am

    yeah = I'm SOooo Healthy

    The ACA is trying to promote the idea that we stay healthy, OR ELSE !

    company health plans modeled on the design of certain initiatives are measuring lipid profiles, mandating that once per year physician visit and giving additional penalties for being the wrong weight.

    insurance consortium wrote:In an attempt to tame the massive amount of health care spending on obesity, the Affordable Care Act has established a penalty system for those using an employer-sponsored health plan. Now, employers can issue penalties for workers who do not participate in recommended wellness programs. In certain instances, they can also give workers a penalty for not meeting health goals, such as a healthy body mass index. If an employee is at risk, they are likely to pay a penalty for not doing anything to change.

    The ACA increased the limit on the amount that can be charged for a penalty, in order to truly intimidate workers to be interested in health incentives. Rewards programs through group coverage are quite common, and start with a health risk assessment, then the employee responds to their evaluation by joining a fitness center, managing their diabetes, or learning to eat nutritiously. Some rewards include discounts on health-related items and services, and others are rewarded by not receiving a penalty.

    If anybody happens to ask you your weight in a doctor's office, best tactic:  lie like a rug.  "Yeah - I'm SOoooo Healthy.... That's me !

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