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    Vision of my neighbor's father


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    Vision of my neighbor's father Empty Vision of my neighbor's father

    Post  DearWife on Tue 06 May 2014, 6:29 am

    The only thing I can explain it as, was a vision.

    A vision I have learned as of late, happens in plain view when you are fully awake.  A dream comes when you are sleeping.  But a vision me thinks can also happen when your senses are still awake even if you close your eyes for a moment.

    So I was at the front window of the house looking out.  At that particular moment I peeked out the window blades, I saw my childhood neighbor's father drive directly across the street with his car.  He stopped and he put his hand up like something had happened, like he was in frustration.  He had a blue collard shirt on.  Now I closed the blade only for a moment, and opened it again and he was completely gone.  Flabergasted I ran to the other window to see if he may have darted off but there was not enough time for him to get to the light in that fashion or turn the corner so fast...for he was parked across the street.  I had never seen him in such distress or frustration before either.  

    Now see, I had a dream before this happened of my childhood friend.  I did not remember the dream until I saw this vision with his father across the street.

    In the dream I was in a room.  In this room with me was my neighbor Stephen whom I grew up with.  Now when I looked at Stephen's face he had a drawing upon his face like a mask.  The type of mask that you use with face paint.  The paint he had on his face was that of the color brown.  The outline was black and there were traces of white as well.  But half of his face was covered but maybe more...about three quarters of his face.  Now he was facing a door in the room while I was facing the window.  The window had blades I looked out from where I looked into the sky.  When I looked up I said, "I like looking into the sky."  But Stephen was depressed in the dream...

    I remember the time he tried to commit suicide as a steen.  In the dream I also remember seeing his mother, but only briefly.  When waking from the dream, I remembered her words that she told me that I would have a hard time when I got older because I was dating a black man.  It was nonsense talk when I heard that.  But I remember my mother calling me to tell me that Stephen tried to commit suicide at the beach by drinking a bottle of bleach.  I remember when I was a little girl, I preferred playing with his brother than him.  I guess because his brother was a little cute boy.  I kind of regret not playing with Stephen when I came to the house and asked to play with his brother.  But this dream reminded me of the depression he had in those days.  And me looking out of the window into the sky reminds me of my own battle to look up, because greater things are coming.

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    Vision of my neighbor's father Empty Re: Vision of my neighbor's father

    Post  beejean on Tue 06 May 2014, 11:47 pm

     Exclamation Steven from childhood neighborhood

    When someone symbolically changes or hides his face, it's a sign that he is wanting to erase his visible identity - either he is tired of picking himself up after having a fall, or something more drastic.

    If your vision sees his father in shock and unhappiness,
    this is for you. It's an important moment to let you pray.

    bless you, and hope you will be able to intercede for his choices to be oriented toward heaven.

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