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    Earthquake over Britain


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    Earthquake over Britain Empty Earthquake over Britain

    Post  DearWife on Thu 10 Apr 2014, 3:03 am

    I had come across this music video today:
    Labrinth "Earthquake"

    And as soon as the singer got to saying Buckingham palace, I remembered my dream of an earthquake over Britain.  But the thing about it was, it did not come from the ground, but from the sky.

    Even reminds me of the book of Esai (Isaiah) 24:

    "For the windows above shall be opened, and the foundation of the earth shall move. The earth shall give a great crack, it shall have a sore ruin, and take an horrible fall. The earth shall *stacker like a drunken man, and be taken away like a tent."

    More here:

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