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    survival of the corrupt


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    survival of the corrupt

    Post  beejean on Sat 15 Feb 2014, 2:51 pm

    One thing about our government - corruption to the core.

    Chief Justice Alito calls the Healthcare Act a tax and deems it legal?  The Healthcare Act is taxation without representation.  Our President declares who has to pay the tax and who is exempt based on unfair exemptions, unfair inclusions, unfair age discrimination, unfair income expectations for older people ....   This is not equal protection under the law !

    The corrupt, however, will have the experience of wallowing in their own corruption as they become a caution and a horror to the folks who are trying to work toward keeping the good actions in play.  It can't feel good to be seen covered in s*** though they try to stone-face their critics.  This is just a matter of time before the stunning figures of siphoned money come out in public.  Fortunately, time has sped up during the past 6 years to effectively show forth the true nature of the entire crony Washington elite as the pace of events blows away the smokescreen.

    Time to round up some dogcatchers and convince them to run for office and elect them in to replace these snidley whiplash officials we have!

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