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    Looking over a cliff


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    Looking over a cliff Empty Looking over a cliff

    Post  DearWife on Tue 01 Oct 2013, 7:18 pm

    In a dream I was I was at a camping sight.  I had asked some that I saw in the dream to go with me.  There was this room I went to, where I asked a woman, “Are you the mitzpa?” To which she somewhat laughed and said, “no”.  She asked me my first name and I also gave her my last.  She said, “Oh I already have you on the list”.  This woman, who even though I did not see her, I knew she was a Jewish woman who had the countenance of a social worker I know.  In this same area, I saw a curly black haired Jewish Basketball player walk in.  He was to the right of me.

    From here I went outside.  I was with some others.  One of the men in the camp said, “Awe!  Look over there!”  And I saw he meant to the right of me.  I walked over to the edge of this cliff, I somewhat held on, and I saw vasts amount of land.  Down below and as far as my eyes could see, I saw dormant volcanic formations.  It was a beautiful sight to see.  On top of this cliff another young woman came to see.  I said to her to please be careful and not to go too far to the edge.  She said that it would be okay, and even went on a little further to the edge.  She said they like it when she does that, then she came back from the edge.  I saw on this cliff, oyster shells and wondered how they got up there like that.  

    Now the scene changed, that I was now down below this cliff.  I was in the same spot it seemed but I was down below.  I looked upon the ground, and there were still waters upon the black and gray rocks, where I was the opening of a lake of some sort.  I looked and saw two crabs, they had caught a fish, when they saw me, they seemed to turn towards me to look but I saw that there were other fishes in the waters much smaller, and they seemed a little black or grey in color.

    This sight was most beautiful to look at, I had never been to such a place before in real life.  The word mitzpa, I do not know the meaning of or spelling.  Mizpah?

    I have been to other places in my dreams where there was a place like the Grand Canyon.  But in certain areas, on top of the cliffs were large hot springs to bathe in, I was in one of those springs looking out at the scenery.

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    Looking over a cliff Empty Re: Looking over a cliff

    Post  beejean on Wed 02 Oct 2013, 12:20 am

    I had a surprising places dream last night. I was in a cottage style house that had an unusual stove. the Stove was dark beige in color and it had puppetry figurines up near where a modern stove would now have the LED touchpad temperture selection panel. Instead, there were knobs and there were wooden puppets Like Hummel figurines that whirled around and make music.

    If you've ever heard of a musical stove, then let me know....

    It was quite a pleasant change from the electronic type.

    ... beejean

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